Saturday, 26 April 2014

Writing Workshop

April 26

Well, yesterday's post was basically a writing post and a prompt post. Today, is another writing post. I guess I'm doing more than one writing themed post a week lately.

I'm trying to be upbeat and excited about what's to come, but the truth is I'm scared and I'm nervous. 

I went to a writing workshop today. Wes Funk was the one doing the workshop. He's a Saskatoon writer. He self-published his first book. (Dead Rock Stars Post about the book right here. (click me))

The workshop was about writing sex scenes in novels. My novel has a more sensitive storyline so it's in no way a steamy or romance novel. It does have romance though, and it does have one sexual scene. I did not love writing that part. I wrote two versions: one that was WAY too racy (and terrible), and one that was more a 'less is more' type scene. I went with the second. I still don't love it. That's why I took the workshop. It was a free two hour workshop, and it was fun. It was with other 'newbie' writers (I think they were anyway). We strayed off the topic of sex scenes a few times, and talked about publishing as well. All in all, I'm glad I went. I would love to hang out with Wes Funk and talk to him one and one about his writing and my own writing.

I also spoke to him a bit before the workshop started about my book. I told him where I had sent it, and he warned me that the publishing group I chose tends to stick to authors they've already worked with.

I have been trying to tell myself the first publisher won't publish my book. I want to be optimistic, but I want to be realistic. Believe it or not, the two do not always go hand in hand. This helped me. It made me see things more clearly. The fact that I WILL most likely have to try -- try again. I guess I'm feeling a little bit less optimistic than I was this morning. The workshop itself was fabulous, but the thought of what may or may not come next is very daunting. I'm trying not to get down, it is damn hard to always be optimistic. I'd love to be, but my life is in such a 'what comes next' phase, that I'm getting a little less confident about the future.

At least I have C. He's so calm and prepared to face whatever comes our way. I can stress out and have my freak outs, and he will stay calm and collected, and help keep me calm. I love that guy.

In other writing news, we were in Coles today and journals were on sale. I bought one to carry in my purse for writing ideas. I have another journal, but I use it strictly for home and personal writing.

Love it and the old time look of it.

Tomorrow, I will write more. I will be optimistic and happy and I will do nothing but look forward to the future. That's the good thing about writing about my writing in this blog. I can complain, get my worries out, and then go back to my writing and move on from my fears.

And as always:

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  1. good blog I can feel your emotional ups and downs and relate as a woman.