Saturday 5 April 2014

April 5 Vacations

  1. What’s the best vacation you ever had?
I can't pick favourites. I've had too many wonderful travels. Each was different and each was unique.

Here are a few of my adult travels:

Newfoundland: Went there straight out of high school through Katimavik. We also went to Ontario and Quebec. I'm glad my first travelling as an adult was done in Canada. It gave me a chance to appreciate the country I'm from. Also, Newfoundland is gorgeous. It's one of the most beautiful places I've been to.
I'm pretty sure this is Cape Spear. I'm the shorter one, next to a fellow Katimaviker, Marie.

Korea: It wasn't a vacation, but there was a lot of exploring, and I did a lot while there.
I'm counting it because we did take breaks from work, explore and do vacation type things.
This is the day I forgot to be a scaredy cat, and truly enjoyed life to the fullest.


I already shared the picture of the tiger and I. So here are some different experiences. I actually went to Thailand and Taiwan with my friend, Katie. I met her in Katimavik.

In order from the top, one of our first nights there we had two for one buckets of vodka something. Good first drinking experience in Thailand. There is a picture of my friend, Hana (was lucky enough to catch up with her while there), and I with a beautiful view behind us, my bamboo stick tattoo, Katie and I riding out double bike, and me getting an elephant massage. Yep. I let elephants stand on me.
Still travelling with Katie.
It is TOUGH finding one picture per trip. This one was taken in Green Island, Taiwan.

My sister and I went to Vegas for her 30th. It was fantastic.
Once again, can't find a favourite picture. The Bellagio gardens, Vanilla coke, going to see Better Midler (I've loved her since I saw Beaches as a kid), and shopping (only the first day of shopping). 


Cam and I went while we were dating. Lots and lots of fun there.
Ocean, holding a sting ray, climbing waterfalls, and a bird (believe me, it being on my shoulder is once again showing my bravery.) 

Another great Canadian destination. Cam and I went before I moved back to Saskatoon, and it was our last vacation before things ended.
I seriously think BC is such a gorgeous province. I'm in love with it.


My first trip with C. First of many! It was great. Relaxing, fun and full of love.


I'm putting two Ontario trips in one. I went to Toronto on my own in January 2013. It was great. It had been a while since I travelled on my own. C was in Ontario at the time, but I didn't see him. I went a second time in October 2013 with him to meet his friends and family.

Can't forget the great adventures I've had in my own backyard.
Lake Diefenbaker


Candle Lake:

And Saskatoon's Fringe (my favourite summer event):

This should explain why I can't pick a favourite. I was lucky enough to go on many great vacations, and loved each and every one no matter how near or far.

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