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April 24

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I have something important to admit. I don't know what a photo post is supposed to look like. I just picked a bunch of photos from where I could find them, and I'm going to talk about them.

These are my parents. They shaped and raised me into the person I am now. I owe them everything, and am extremely lucky to be raised by Awesome and Awesome.

Food trucks are relatively new to Saskatoon. We always have them out for the Fringe Festival and things like that, but last summer the rules changed, and the trucks are out for lunches and nights. These are two of them. A Pineapple Express truck. As far as I can tell, everything they serve is just the best ever. Also the Disco Dogs Truck. Makes hot dogs, but in Naan Bread with delicious toppings. We also have the Double Decker Bus (always), and lots of hot dog stands, but I only found these two pictures in my random picture search.


Time for a confession. Judge if you'd like. I hate birds. They scare me and I don't trust them. So I took this picture from far away because it was just too much to handle. My walking past that was brave (in my head).

My friend and I went to The Offspring last summer at the Ex in Saskatoon. My friend (mother of two beautiful boys) LOVES getting into the crowd. I, however, get slightly panicked when in the crowd or close to the mosh pit. She jumped right in, and I stood outside of the crazy crowd. I'm okay with that! She crowd surfed. One might say her life was WAY more exciting than mine. They would be right. I was too scared. I'm okay with that.

 We went to fireworks on a lake last summer on Candle Lake. It was pretty cool. Below is a picture of the same lake during the day. Beautiful weekend.

There's a chance I took this picture by accident. My eyes are blue. And I have some sort of cord across my neck? No idea. Not sure if I took that or if C did.

This guy used to be my cat. Rolo has a personality just like mine. My sister is his 'person' now. She stepped in when I was unable to keep him. I miss being a pet owner.

This was the very first picture I took with my brand new phone (Nexus 4). I love my phone, and if they're available I will upgrade but still choose Nexus. If there is no Nexus available, I'd keep this phone. That's how much I like it. I hope you enjoy the picture of the sidewalk. Some of my best photographic ability right there.
This was the first house I lived in when I moved back to Saskatoon. It's no longer there. We had to move because they were tearing it down to build a new one. The funny thing about this picture is I found it a while ago, and I had NO idea what house this was or why I had taken the picture. Now I remember. I lived there.
This is me. We were at a Festival in Korea. They posed me with the sword, but were annoyed because I couldn't put myself in the correct pose. Finally they just took the picture. This was in 2005. I think it was a Martial Arts Festival.

More posing in Whitecourt.
Pretty Saskatoon.

This picture was taken in our backyard when I lived in Whitecourt. I think it's interesting and unflattering. I gained a lot of weight while in Whitecourt, and in my first year back in Saskatoon. I was at an all time high in weight gain in December of 2011. I started losing weight in January. However, all the while gaining the weight, I didn't really notice. I just find it strange that I never really considered my weight a problem or noticed a big difference. Until I tried on all my dresses for a Christmas Party, and realised I didn't fit into any of them. Bad eating habits... That's all I have to say about that. Even my face got big, and I was clueless. This picture doesn't really show it, but it still makes me think about that. Also I think this was a first snow fall.
This picture is pretty.

And this is what I'm most proud of in my life.
That's it for the pictures. I pretty much do picture prompts all the time so this isn't really anything new, but what the heck, right? Maybe you learned something new about me.

Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

And as always:

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