Wednesday 2 April 2014

April 2 TV Shows

What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?

I seriously don't know. I mean, they've already brought back so many great ones. Girl Meets World for instance. I haven't seen it yet, but that's a brilliant idea. 90s kids are over the moon about it!

I'm trying to remember shows I loved when I was a kid. Family Matters, The Cosby Show, Full House, Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince of Bel Air...

That's just the comedies. I watched A LOT of TV growing up. I watch a lot less now. I do watch too much Netflix though.

So, of the shows stated above, I will go with: Fresh Prince and Home Improvement. Mostly because I do kind of wonder where the characters would be now. That being said, I can't remember the ending of either of them. And now that Uncle Phil has passed away, it would make a difference.

Also, I'd like to check in with the folks from 7th Heaven, but only to find out if they're less preachy than they once were. Doubtful.

Ever since they did the Veronica Mars movie, I keep thinking instead of bringing shows up they should just do movies. Sex and the City did it, and it worked out fine. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a Gilmore Girls movie. This show was not my childhood, more my 20s, but either way. A good GG reunion would make my day.

This might be why I love snow so much!

Update: AND FRIENDS!!! I can't believe I missed that one. A Friend's update would be so great!

That's it. I'm caught up.

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