Thursday 17 April 2014

Oh the weather outside is...?

April 17

It's a confusing and frustrating time of year. It's also repeated every year. You'd think we should be okay with it, but we aren't.

All I'm hearing is how it's Spring, so why isn't it Spring? It's too cold out, it keeps snowing. While I'm sick of hearing it, it's coming out of my mouth as well. I keep trying to remind myself that last year was worse. It was colder with more snow.

From Last year: snow... same.

So to celebrate the fact that winter is not over (in fact, I just heard there are snowfall warnings for tonight), I am going to write a post about the thing that is most tiring me out. The weather. I'm so sick of it that I need to write about it to get it out of my system.

Two weeks ago, the snow melted. I wore a skirt one day. I wore sandals a couple of days. Now, I will get frost bite if I wear sandals (I THINK that's an exaggeration). I'm back to the boots and the stupid STUPID socks. I haven't gotten back to the winter coat, but it may come.

So this is the weather today. It's windy. Not a spring wind. A cold wind. 3 doesn't actually sound that bad, but I guarantee it wasn't that warm when I was out there. BUT Monday is 13! The weather is manic in its weather choices and it's making me manic in my moods. Notice Friday has both snow and rain in the picture. Nice right?

Last Tuesday I sat on a patio.

A week later, I was shovelling snow off my car.

This picture isn't actually from last week. But it was snowing, and I did have to sweep snow off.

This entire blog entry is to get my complaining out. It probably won't work, but for now, I'm hoping it will. This lack of sun is starting to get to me.

As I've said, I do usually love winter, and this year, I don't. I'm ready for no socks, sun, sandals, BBQ's and fun.

Okay, thanks for listening to my complaints. I realise I choose to live here which means I can't complain... but has that theory ever really stopped anybody? I can't afford to just live in the warm places.

Tomorrow... will be cheery. I promise.


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