Wednesday 16 April 2014

Respond to a quote

April 16
Search for a random quote. Respond to it on your blog.

For this, I went to Pinterest. There is a 'quotes' section. I was actually planning to pick a random one that I don't like. I thought it would be easier to respond to something I didn't like because I would have a great argument about why the quote is terrible (in my opinion). Believe me, there are many I don't like. Some of those include religion, mean things, judgement, or terrible relationship advice.

Instead I chose this quote: The Saddest Thing about Betrayal is that it Never Comes from your Enemies.

I don't know who this quote came from. I googled it, and all that came up was 'unknown'.

The picture was taken in Saskatoon. And I wasn't feeling betrayed but it still looked like it fit.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't love this either. I think it's sad. HOWEVER, it kind of fits with a situation in my novel. It's true that enemies can't betray you because they'll never be in the position to betray you. I personally, don't have any enemies. I'm sure I have people I dislike, but having an enemy sounds like too much work, and it sounds pretty depressing to be on guard all the time. Although, after looking at this quote, I guess you always have to watch your back.

Live and learn, and somebody will learn from it. Either you or the person who let you down. I guess moving on is the most important thing, and the important decision is to move on with the 'betrayer' or not to.

I've lost friends, and I've been let down by friends. I've never felt betrayed. Or - maybe I have. Maybe I've moved on from it.

My main character has to deal with a betrayal she never expected. I would like to say it's more of a complete let down from somebody she trusted and loved, but I guess she considered it a betrayal. Truth be told, that was what she struggled with the most. How to move on from being let down by the person she looked up to. I think, by the end of the novel, she was still working on it, and in all reality, it's pretty hard to get over something in the two week span of the novel.

We'll find out more in the sequel, I guess.

Update on the waiting: I'm still waiting. I'm pretty sure the mail hasn't arrived yet to the publisher. The patience will continue. (ha).

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