Monday 21 April 2014

A New Novel?!

April 21

I'm hoping to do a post once a week about my actual writing. I want to take at least one day as a break from the prompts, and focus on the reason I started this blog to begin with: my writing. Don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy the prompts, and it keeps me going and at times gets me thinking. I just think it's also important to remind myself why I am doing this: My writing/novel.

So on #mondayblogs I will try to write an update every week about my writing and where I'm at with it. Although, if I get any correspondence from the publishers, I'll be blogging about it as soon as I can (and not wait until Monday). Good or bad news, it will be pretty exciting. 

So: an update on the waiting game:

Still waiting. Watching the time go by, counting the days. (By the way, got a new watch). It's been EXACTLY a week since I sent it. It takes them 3-6 months for them to go through the manuscripts (partial manuscripts) people send them, and it's probably only JUST got to them. So although it's been the LONGEST week ever, it probably doesn't even count as a week of waiting yet. (although, I count it). 

So while waiting I will start on a new novel. 

I was having the hardest time thinking of an idea for a new novel. The one I just wrote has been hanging out in my brain for so long. It was easy to write because the idea had always been there, waiting for me to write it. This time though, I haven't had a story idea. I haven't had years of not writing a story, but thinking about it to get me going like the last one.

I finally started thinking about my new 'created' family, in my book, "You Stand by Family". I miss them, and I started to feel like I wasn't done with them. 

So my next book will be about the youngest daughter, Kristy. She'll be about 19 in this new book. The main character in the first novel was Lucy, the eldest sister. I'm giving her a break and starting the story off about a year later. It will be different themes, but the same family. 

There it is. 'Kristy'. I guarantee that won't be the title.

I know I haven't been very forthcoming about the plot of the last novel, and I still am not going to. I guess I kind of want to hear good news about its future before I share the plot. It's also not an easy one to explain. I mean - it's easy. I just haven't figured out how to sell it yet. I'll probably copy and paste the description from my query letter. That was the best I'd done at explaining it. 

I won't be sharing a lot about this one either. Except one thing, it's going to start after she's had a year away from her family in Australia. I chose to start it when she came back to Canada because I'm still waiting for my travel experience in Australia, and don't have  a lot of details I can share. It will be harder writing from her perspective. Lucy was my age, and quite like me, as I'm sure many first main characters are. Kristy is about 10 years younger (OR MORE *SIGH*), so I'll have to try to remember that. 

Anyway, that's what I'm doing while waiting. (five days... it's been five days!)


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