Friday 4 April 2014

April 4: Picture Prompt

2. Try a picture prompt for inspiration.

How's that for a picture prompt? It's me and a tiger in 2006! I was 25 at the time (turning 26 that year). Young and travelling. I miss those times.

After returning from Korea, my friend, Katie and I decided to travel to Thailand and Taiwan for the summer. ORIGINALLY, my plan was to stay and work in Taiwan when summer ended. Plans changed, and I'm good with that. I wasn't ready for another year away, and felt like I needed to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

So we travelled, we drank, we saw cute boys, and we laughed. We also sat with tigers. That MAY be a once in a life time experience. We were stuck in Bangkok for a few days while I waited for a Work Visa for Taiwan (we preferred the Island Hopping), so we decided to make the best of it, and go on some day trips. This was one of them. We went to a Tiger Temple outside of Bangkok. It was pretty great. The monks took the guests in, and sat us with about six different tigers, and took our pictures with them. They held our hands to walk us through the Tiger maze.

We saw quite a few Buddhist Temples while travelling, but add tigers, and it throws in just a bit more excitement.

It was the perfect time for the two of us to go together, and I'm so grateful that we did it. It also helped that we were both there to have fun, and enjoy life. It would be a different trip now, but just as fun.

I also was walked on (lightly) by elephants. I'll have to find that picture though.

I miss travelling, but don't regret the choice to come home when I did.

Plus, this picture: makes me look like I've got the coolest life!

Although, I am glad I wrote yesterday's post I am pretty glad I've got the fantastic moments to share as well.

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