Friday 29 August 2014

August Blog Challenge Stream of Consciousness

Aug 29
Stream of Consciousness

To be perfectly honest, I don't really know how or if this will work. I've read them before, but I've never really tried it. Maybe I don't want people to get into the personal (and crazy) workings of my mind. Or maybe I don't think it'll work.

I guess we'll find out.

It suggests I pick a subject.

I choose Veronica Mars. Why? Because I'm watching it on Netflix right now.

Veronica Mars - everybody wants a best friend like Wallace. Also, even though Logan is never perfect, I love the way he loves her. If they had not broken up a million times, they would have been a great couple. She gave up on him. Unlike on Dawson's Creek. Pacey gave up on his relationship with Joey and then they FORCED the viewers to watch like three more seasons of the stupid relationships of others when you knew who would end up together. As terrible as it is, it's better than 90210 - the new series that I watched on Netflix. Not new. New to me. It was absolutely terrible, but I couldn't stop watching. Do friends really have such shared relationships in high school? I mean those girls were mean to each other, and dated EVERYONE. How many boys did they 'fall in love with'? All of them. That's how many. That being said, I like who they all ended up with. What is this telling me? I watch too much television. But I actually don't. I just remember them and apparently have strong feelings about characters. Real relationships certainly feel better. My relationships aren't as crazy as the ones on television, although none of them have been like Clint and I. We'd make a horrible couple of television because we don't have enough drama. People may root for us, but they would for sure be pretty bored watching us. i'm okay with that. We'd be the couple on the soap opera that would stay together, but I'd probably be kidnapped every once in a while just to keep things interesting. Like Lulu and Dante from General Hospital. The actor who plays Dante is from Canada. AND his sister was Felicity from Road to Avonlea. Which basically makes him my favourite person ever just because of who his sister is. She was my favourite from Road to Avonlea, but really I loved the show because of it connections to Anne of Green Gable. I hope Clint and I get to PEI some day. Depends what happens in life. I know we'll get there, but will we have kids first? Will we get married? At this point, I'd be up for eloping... why not in PEI? I'm turning 34 in about 13 days. Which gives me another year to figure out kids. This isn't what is stressing me out. What's stressing me out? What is causing my anxiety? Whether I get married or not or whether I have a baby or not aren't really a cause of concern or me because I have Clint. I'm happy with our love, but what is my concern? Why am I stressed out about everything. I think I just figured out why I prefer talking about television. It's easier to figure out. Carrie could never be happy with Aiden because she was in love with Mr Big. I never loved Ross, but I was happy when he ended up with Rachel - and from the moment that Monica and Chandler ended up together, I was a fan. I'm furious that Gilmore Girls made us wait until the last episode for Luke and Lorelei to get back together. They owe us a wedding. I hate couples that continue to break up and get back together, but it somehow works in television. I've never gotten back together with an ex, and I'm pretty much happy with that. Clint and I won't break up. I feel pretty positive in saying that, even though, realistically, can anybody say that?  Even married couples don't know... but am I that jaded? Maybe you can stay together. We aren't going to fall out of love because we'll work at it. I'm almost 34 fucking years old. I know who I love, and who I want to be with. So did Monica. Is this the only example I can think of? Are they the only TV couple that didn't break up and get back together a million times. How sad is that? Almost 34. I can't wait till my birthday. I love birthdays. Even if it does make me a year closer to my deadline.

That's it. I'm not going to bother proof reading because it's my stream of consciousness. Long story short. I watch a lot of television? I have to go watch more Veronica Mars now.

Until next time.

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