Thursday 28 August 2014

August Blog Challenge - September Goal

August 28

September Goal

The thing I like best about this prompt is it only asks for one goal. I don't feel like thinking of lots of goals for September.

Automatically, my first thought was write more, and focus on my novel. However, I changed my mind. You know why? Because that should be a given. It shouldn't be a goal. It should be automatic. That being said, I do still need to work on it.

I picked a different one. An important one. 

My September goal is to figure out my anxiety issues. I have them, and I know I do. (It takes a lot for me to write about it though). I also think it's getting worse. I'm pretty sure the problems I've been having with trying to get full breaths is directly related to my anxiety levels.

Why am I anxious? I don't know. I worry about everything. I stress about everything else. Do I need to? No. My life is good. I'm happy, things are going well. 

Maybe I need to finally embrace (and actually try) yoga? 

I'm not sure, I've just had enough of it. It shouldn't make me anxious to live my life. I shouldn't need to worry about things that can't be helped. Running errands, shouldn't cause concern.

Last weekend, on our first day camping (Friday), I was having a bit of trouble with the breathing, but then it didn't bother me again until this week. Possibly that means it was a well deserved and relaxing camping trip. Or maybe it means I should ditch 'real life' and camp in the wilderness. Somehow, I don't think the latter will solve anything.

So that's my goal. To put it bluntly, I need to learn how to breath. I need to calm down, de-stress and enjoy my life. It's a pretty great one.

I've posted a Just Breathe picture  before. (both my own) I guess I forgot to listen last time.

Until tomorrow.

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