Wednesday 13 August 2014

August Blog Challenge Must have item

Aug 13

Must Have Item

I don't have a must have item. I mean... I lived without a car for years because I couldn't afford it. I'm feeling better about my finances, but if I don't need to buy it, or can't afford it, I usually don't get it. 

I'm not really sure what exactly the prompt is about to tell the truth. I mean, I guess I'll pass a purse or shoes, and MUST HAVE them. Only if I have the money to do it.

Lately, this is my Must Have: 
It's a book, and I'm waiting for somebody to buy it for me. (Hopefully for my birthday).

Here are some Must Haves that I bought for myself lately (including the new hair cut): 

Also, sometimes (on hot days, especially), I must have: 

In all reality, those are all 'wants'. I'm about to tell a story, and I promise the point of my 'Must Have' will be explained at the end... I think.

I mentioned in a post that I'm having trouble breathing:

I thought it was stress. It might still be stress or anxiety, but I finally went to the doctor about it. The problem isn't not being able to breath, but I'm having trouble taking deep breaths. I guess 'Shortness of Breath' is the appropriate term. It's been going on for long enough. I don't feel that doctors (whether they are family or walk-in clinic) really give you the time they should. It's not really their fault, they're trying to help everybody. I was pretty concerned about the visit. I mean, even if he decided nothing is wrong with me, I still want to figure out why this is happening. If it's anxiety, I need to know so I can fix it. 

I went with my mom because even though I'm 33, I still wanted her with me and she was in town. She makes me braver. So she waited with me (for about two hours) until they called me in. The doctor did listen to what I said, and he got me to breath while listening through a stethoscope, and also hooked me up to an oxygen level testing machine (which is strangely small). He said it seemed like I was getting enough oxygen. He gave me an inhaler to try out for a week in case it is new developing allergies causing my problems. I've never had allergies, but I expected them to come with stuffed up or runny nose and all the rest of the things you hear about in allergy commercials. Anyway, he told me to use it twice a day for a week, and if it doesn't work, come back to the clinic for further testing. I really hope it just goes away with the inhaler. It's frustrating trying to breath full breaths and not being able to, and it basically stresses me out which makes it even harder to breath. In fact, as I said to Clint, I've been breathing differently lately, so now I have to kind of train myself to go back to normal. 

So my Must Have item this week is an inhaler. Never used them before, but I certainly hope it fixes everything.
Here's Hoping!

My other Must Have of this week (and always) is... MY MOM! I'm just so very happy to have her with me and next to me, and am grateful that I can tell her everything. She's the very best Mom in the world.
In Newfoundland.

That's it for today. Talk tomorrow! :)

And as always:
August Blog Challenge explanation:

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