Monday 18 August 2014

August Blog Challenge 'Favourite Apps'

Aug 17
Favourite Apps

This should be easy because I spend WAY too much time on my phone.

First of all, I started organising things on my phone, but quickly gave up on that. Possibly, I got lazy.

The Calender is really my favourite thing, and I should use it more. It reminds me to do things, like take out my recycling and garbage.

Is my camera an app? What about Texting? Those are both very important to my survival in life - as we know - I take a lot of pictures.

That being said, I love Instagram. I love hashtags and seeing what other people have shared with the same hashtags. I would say I use it the most, and Facebook a close second. I don't follow a lot of people or have a lot of followers in Instagram, and I'm good with that. I like that I can share pictures on FB or Twitter as well through Instagram.

I use What'sApp to talk to those far away. My friend, James, and I speak over it, and it works well considering he's in South Africa. I know Sype is in the picture, but I've actually never used it on my phone, and I'm not even certain I know what my password is. I use Twitter occasionally, but would rather use it online. I just got Slidegram, and I really like it. Basically, I can do a slideshow of pictures to music (music from my phone, which isn't a lot). Instaframe is also fabulous because I couldn't figure out how people were putting their 'collages' on Instagram until I found it. I like apps that work together: like Slidegram, Instaframe, and Phonto. Phonto allows you to write on pictures.
Like this one.

Also, with all the complaining about it, I'd just like to go ahead and say that I enjoy the Facebook Messenger app. Yes, I'm annoyed that I couldn't just continue to use the one on my Facebook app, but I don't have any trouble using it, and I know what they 'permissions' mean. I considered not downloading it, but like using it as an alternative method of speaking to people. (Other than all the rest). 

I like my notes app too. Helps a lot to remember things and make lists. I love lists.

Some honorary mentions: Pinterest, IMDb, Groupon, my Royal Bank app, and the Google Maps app. That should be first actually. I love somebody telling me where to go and when to turn. Others hate her, but it helps me be a calm driver. 

The only app I wish I loved more is the Blogger app. I never blog on the go because it doesn't ever upload for me. 

Those are some of my favourites. If anybody has suggestions for more great apps, I'm all ears!

Until next time.

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