Wednesday 27 August 2014

August Blog Challenge Day in photos

Aug 27
My Day In Photos

It seems to me that I've done this. Although maybe it just asked about my day, and I automatically added pictures.

Possibly this is a sign that I should start describing things instead of relying on pictures. Except for this post, of course. I was just asked for pictures. So, here I go.

My second alarm is 7:10. The first one plays Everybody Dance Now, and the second (below) plays the Muppets - Manamana. They help me wake up cheerfully. Although they don't help me get out of bed.

Morning Routine: It's not all pictured, but this is it. I shower at night because I'm lazy in the morning.

 Walk to work. I don't have a parking spot, so I ditch my car, and go for a lovely half hour walk every morning. It might not be so lovely in winter. We'll see.

Morning at work. Busy. And my desk is a mess. And healthy granola bar for breakfast.

Lunchtime. Went for a walk to get my first Pumpkin Spiced latte of the season, and then ate lunch at my desk.

Afternoon at work - refer to morning at work pictures without the granola bar.

After work. Catching up on chores...  And a quick walk to 7-11 to buy coffee. I don't usually do that, but it is WAY closer than anywhere else. Just a small container until I get to the grocery store.

Garbage day tomorrow. (exciting, no?)
Happiness from 7-11

Laundry laundry laundry. Getting rid of campfire smell.

Background noise.

Dishes. Seriously. This day in photos... full of adventure.

Supper and pop. The supper is healthy, the pop... not so much. (Although the cheese on the supper isn't so good either.)

 Bed time... did all the showering and stuff...
Nightly routine. I go to sleep to Netflix when C isn't home.

I'm reading three books at once. All opposites. I get to choose.

And a shirt that C leaves for me as PJs. (A different one every time, smelling like him. I'm a big dork for admitting that.

And speaking of him:
See the faces in the corner? FB messenger because he broke his phone. This is how we communicate until he gets a new one. By the way, I like the messenger app. I'd like it better if it was still attached to Facebook, but... that's fine. I have to wait until he's off work and in his room before we chat.

That's it!

Until next time.

And as always:
August Blog Challenge explanation:

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