Thursday 14 August 2014

August Blog Challenge My Blogging Story

August 14

Your Blogging Story - At times it's a slow and painful story, but I'll share either way.

A travel blog was my start, but I don't have it anymore to share. I started in 2005. It was on MSN spaces 'blog', I believe. I started it because it was easier to put pictures on it and share the link. Emails in pictures took up a lot of space and time. I wrote about Korea and my time there.

First Blog: 118 Posts This is MY Life

It started in 2006 right after I came back from Korea. I wrote in it while I was travelling in Thailand and Taiwan. It seems as though I didn't put any time or effort into it, but did try to update people. I didn't have Facebook then, so blogging during any travels was important.

I think I posted a couple of times in 2007 about my life in Saskatoon and broadcasting college.

Apparently, I took a break. I didn't do another post until 2010, and I'm pretty sure I was using the blog for a couple of things. First, I was using the writing as a way to get things out to heal. Second, I wanted to talk about my miscarriage. I wanted to tell my story because NOBODY talks about it. I spoke about that, and the death of my Grandmother, as well as a bit of a struggle with depression. I'm not sharing the links, but they're easy enough to find.

In 2011, I wrote about my move to Saskatoon and my break-up from Cameron. Also, towards the end of the year, I blogged about how I was looking forward to the New Year. I was unhappy.

In 2012, I spoke about his death. I started writing about it a week or two after it happened. I died in December of 2011, and I wrote about it in January. I needed to, and it helped.  Not sharing the links for these either, I decided to just share happy ones.

Finally, I noticed a change in my writing. I was getting over the sadness, and learning how to be grateful. (March 2012) I made active steps to make my life better. Exercise and gratitude.

I think I wrote a blog about my online dating as well, but I deleted it. I wrote about things I had learned. June 2012. I was also dating C at this point, but was keeping it quiet. October 2012, This is the first blog that mentions I was dating somebody (more in depth).

I also wrote four non useful posts in 2013. Seriously... useless ones. February 14 -Finally gave up the blog and dedicated my time to the other two. This is my 'goodbye post', as well as an invitation to the other ones. I just didn't like leaving it with out a finish.

Second Blog: The very ignored: "Reading is Sexy - Proud Bookworm" 40 Posts Started January 2011. I took a year long break, and didn't post at all during 2013. I've started posting again. This one is strictly for books. I talk about the book. Whether I like it or not, and if I'd recommend it. It's the easiest one, I just have to both read more and remember to post.

Gratitude Blog: "Daily Gratitude" 163 Posts Started January 27th 2014. It's pretty self explanatory. I thought it was important to focus on all the good things in my life. Occasionally, it just ends up being an update on my day, and it is USUALLY also a picture post because I'm obsessive about taking pictures. Although all days don't always get posted promptly (I might stick the weekend together in one post), I've posted about every single day, and am proud of myself for the dedication.

The only post I'm sharing is this one: It explains everything.

And my Writing (and everything else) Blog: 'Erin's Writing Life' (The one you're reading). 185 Posts (not including this one.) Started: Around the start of January 2014.
I tried to organize it around prompts (usually monthly), but I have also taken breaks to talk about specific writing experiences, as well as my own life. I also write about my editing, publishing hopes, and novel details. First Post January 2014. January Blog Writing Challenge (specific to writing). All done. February Writing Prompts. All done. March Writing Prompts. All done. Writing Prompts for anytime I'm not doing monthly ones. So from April to the end of July. More to come in September. I've also been doing monthly updates. This example is July. And: what I'm working on now. Everyday posting in August. I'm almost half way through.

And that is my blogging story. Now if you were looking for a 'journal' story, that would be WAY different because I've been writing in a journal since I was at least 8. I don't have any from high school left, but have all the rest. In fact, I just found this entry from my first few days in University. Gah. What a brat.

Until tomorrow.
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