Thursday 28 August 2014

August Blog Challenge - Blast From the Past

Aug 26, 2014
Blast From The Past

Basically, that's a throwback Thursday, so instead of doing this yesterday, I waited for today. This is my last one, and then I'm caught up. Finally.

I have a few 'blasts from the past'.

1999 - Seeing my family after a year away from them. This is the Saskatoon airport after returning from Katimavik.

2007 - Last tattoo I got. Risk, laughter, Independence (risk is the only one in English). I picked the tree I wanted from a picture I took in Taiwan and the words that were important to me at the time.

My 27th birthday with my best friends.

Childhood stuffed animals. The ones I won't get rid of. I've had the musical bear since I was a baby, Dumbo was from DisneyLand, and the frog came from my friend, Nehal. 

Video memories of Katimavik. I actually just got rid of these. I don't think I'd watch them again even if I had a VHS player. Actually, the VHS's are a blast from the past themselves. 

That's it for me. Good night!

Until next time.

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