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August Blog Challenge - Random Facts

Aug 11

10 Random Facts

I kind of did this already Here so I need to think of 10 brand new random facts. Those were 'basic' facts, but random and basic are still similar in my eyes. In fact, a few were pretty random, and I did a lot... so I really have to think of 10 completely new ones.

Although, I GUESS they don't have to be all about me. So with that said, here's the first one.

  1. "Saskatoon is named after mis-sask-quah-toomina, the Cree Indian name for the local Saskatoon berry – a sweet, violet coloured berry that grows wild." Link here I've posted a picture of both the berries and the Saskatoon Berry Beer. (cause why not?)
  2. I already  mentioned in my last basic facts that I've spoken at three funerals. I actually don't think that's a basic fact. I also spoke at a wedding. The wedding was much more fun, and I'm so grateful that my friend, Denise let me give a speech to a wonderful couple. Being trusted to do any speech is an incredible honour (be it a wedding or a funeral).
Getting ready for the speechSpeech

3. 'Canada Harvests Icebergs in Labrador and Newfoundland.' 
These can be seen every Spring. (Side note, my family went at the end of June, and saw TONS of them). The icebergs can be used for many things - like beer... and wine! (And lots of other things. From Here! 

I'm drinking an Iceberg beer. In front of an iceberg.

4. I tried to go bungee jumping while in Korea. My friend when first. When I got to the edge, there was a moment where they asked me to put my arms straight up above my head. My response was: "No way, I'll fall." That's when I knew I didn't want to do it. I chickened out, and still feel angry at myself for not doing. Which is strange because a few months earlier I went para-gliding without a problem. It was incredibly fun and thrilling. Even with the regret of not living every moment, I still don't want to try again. 

5. 'Saskatoon lies on the South Saskatchewan River. That explains why there are seven bridges in the city.' Link Seven bridges so far. We call ourselves "City of Bridges"

6. I love sports movies. I love the challenges and the learning. I love that they fill me full of gratitude and hope. I clearly like sports movies for the girly reasons. Inspiration at its best.

7. "The polar bear is the only bear that is considered a marine mammal because it depends upon the marine environment for survival." "The polar bear population is estimated to be between 25,000 and 40,000 worldwide, with approximately 13,000 to 15,000 living in Canada." Source Here I've never met one... this is as close as I've been. 

8. I like music. I can appreciate most music. I get annoyed when people judge others by what they like. I think people should be free to love whatever pop song or country song that they like without somebody turning their noses down at them. Just leave me to my 90s music and let me love the memories and sing my heart out!

9. "Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada where the people do not have to change their clocks when there is a time change. The province stays on Central Standard Time all year round." I actually don't think this one needs to be linked, but either way: Here Personally, I'm a fan.

10. I hate birds, but have learned that I'm scared of some more than others. In fact, I've fed two kinds, and held one (see below). Also, I don't think I've always been scared of them. It's the last ten years that I've noticed I'm not a fan. Lately, it's just crows. They're big, mean, and scary. And they know it. 

There you go. Blog challenge of the day complete. Hopefully some nice and new fresh facts about Saskatchewan/Canada and me.

And as always:
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