Friday 15 August 2014

August Blog Challenge - A day in my life

Aug 15

A Day In Your (My) Life (My Friday)

My morning starts when my first alarm goes off at 6:55. I dismiss it, but I also know that another will go off at 7:10. I try to roll out of bed between the two alarms, but usually it's shortly after the last one. Basically, I have time to make coffee, put my contacts in, get dressed, and make myself pretty (aka, brush my hair). I shower the night before now because I know how much I hate getting out of bed.

The last thing I do before leaving is fill my lunch bag and head out the door.

I walk to work instead of driving. I'm hoping to do it through winter as well. It's a half hour walk, and I'd still have to find a parking spot before crossing the river. Walking seems easiest.

And it's a gorgeous walk!

I got to work at 8 (or 3-5 minutes later). Opened up all the essentials on my computer. Drank the coffee I brought from home. This is half my space. It's out in the middle of the upstairs. There are four of us who each have a cubicle. All of us are Creative Writers.
The other half.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it in other posts, but I am a Creative Writer for three radio stations in Saskatoon. I write scripts for the radio ads. I get information, write scripts, get approval, I choose the music and the sound effects, and then I send it to our producers to produce. I send it to the client for final approval, and make sure the correct spot plays by doing some extra steps along the way... and that's my job.

At lunchtime, I saved my lunch (taco soup) to eat at my desk later, and went outside to enjoy the sun and read my book.

My lunch is an hour. I'm about 3 minutes away from work when I go down to the river.

 This is the difference between outside and in. The A/C works REALLY well at work. Always need a sweater.

Highlighted means done! My week is done!

Some days I walk home, but I have a coworker who lives near me, so she drives me home. We catch up on non office talk (just kidding we talk about everything in the office) on the way home.

My plan for tonight (it was REALLY exciting) was to go home, put my stuff away and go grocery shopping. However, plans changed. As usual, my street was full of excitement. I was waiting to go outside until the couple outside finished their screaming match. 
This is how I spy on people.

They finally drove away, so I went to find my grocery bags, and heard a huge crashing noise outside. After confirming nobody hit my car, I looked out my front door. Two cars were sitting in the intersection. One without the front of it. There was an ambulance and fire truck show up, and later on a police car. It was quite the scene. A tow truck arrived as well.

My favourite part was when the fire truck was driving away, and the cutest little boy walking with his dad spent five minutes waving at them. 

So I called off the grocery shopping. I was hungry, and decided to go in the morning. I made supper, had a tiny bit of frozen yogurt for a snack, and a drink to cool down from the heat. (not at the same time, that's strange). I blogged (which happens at all different times during my day), and I am binge watching Sex and the City. Nice and quiet Friday. I love it. Tomorrow, crock pot freezer meals, and cleaning out the office.

 It's 10 now, so that's basically my day. Also included thoughout the whole day was LOTS and LOTS of texting with Clint. I'll do some reading and some more blogging, and then head to bed.

No writing today on the novel. I'll get to that tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Happy Friday! 

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