Monday 31 March 2014

March 31st Inspiration

March 31: Where do you get your inspiration?

First of all, how is March over already? Time feels like it is going so quickly this year.

For the question, I'm trying to give an organised answer. I have people that inspire my life, people that inspire my writing, and people that inspire my characters.

I'll just do a short list, and if I miss anybody, well... I have no apologies for that. I'll get you next time.

My parents have inspired me every day of my life. There were a few days in the teenage years, that I didn't realise it and was not as grateful as I should have been, but that doesn't mean they didn't shape and inspire me. I learned about kindness and love from them. I hope I show that in my life and in my writing.

My sister has always inspired me. She lives her life, learns from the past, and is optimistic about the future. She's smart, and if I need advice on character's problems or my problems, I'll ask her. She also got the math doing gene, so she can help me with that as well. If I need anything, she'll be there, and she has been there.

I'm lucky enough to have two best friends. I don't need to name names. They know who they are. They are my friend soul mates. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have them supporting me in my life -during the good times and the bad times. They inspire me ALL the time. They are both caring, beautiful, sincere and honest woman. While no character in my book is based on real people, I gave the BFF (Shauntell) some lessons from these two. The reason Shauntell is such a great best friend to Lucy is because I have experience with great best friends. They are both role models.

And my work bff. Or as we refer to one another 'Our socially awkward friend'. Meaning we are friends because we're both socially awkward. (me more than her, haha). Either way, becoming friends with her these past few years (three, I think), has been great. You always need that friend that you can complain to about things happening at work or in your life, and you can tell them good news as well. She inspires me all the time. She listens, gives advice, cares about her friends and family, and she's going to make a fantastic mother. 

I have two friends that I don't see regularly (or ever) that inspire me almost daily. They both live too far away. 

N lives in Toronto, and she's always inspired me. She's also always been my biggest supporter in writing. When everybody else forgot I wrote (including myself), she would ask what I was writing, and suggest that I should be writing. She's a great writer herself and her confidence in me means the world. She's the first person I call or text when something big happens in my life. She's a great friend, Mother, and person. I totally miss her.

J lives in South Africa, but we met in South Korea. I actually just sent him an email telling him what his last words (in person) were to me before I left Seoul: "I'd say keep in touch, but that rarely happens." Something along those lines. It's funny because we're coming up on nine years of friendship. We email and we tell each other the truth about everything. I want to say he knows more about me than almost anybody. (And he's still friends with me). He enjoys my stories, especially if the involve me doing something silly. It happens, I promise.

I saved the best for last. 

C - the Boyfriend. When we were out on Saturday, I said something about wondering where I'd be if I had actually started writing seriously in my 20s. One of my best friends said, "You weren't ready, and you didn't have the support you do now." She was 100 percent correct. C has been so great during the writing process, and encouraging. From bribing me with wine to other fun activities, to nagging me because I wasn't writing, he's the reason I'm done. He's the first person I shared my novel with, and has not stopped encouraging me since he found out I write. Also -he's great in life too. Not just the 'writing life', he's there for me anytime I need encouragement or laughter, and I am SO happy to have him in my life. Lucky. I'm lucky we've found each other. (I think he's lucky as well).

I get inspired on a daily basis by people who are near me, people who are far away from me, people who are no longer with me, and strangers. I didn't mention everybody, but that would take DAYS.

I'm extremely lucky. And inspired (of course).

This picture has nothing to do with my entry. I just like the pretty flower. I grew that. Growing flowers is inspiring!! 

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