Thursday 31 July 2014

August is Here (TOMORROW) And Selfies

July 31

I have August all planned out for posts, and because I plan to follow through with posting from it everyday, I need to do my usual Start of the Month Post a day early. I am also doing two in one because I had the Selfie post started, and never finished. So it'll be posted now.

It's going to be a new month!

Life: Life is good. C is back to work, and I miss him a lot. Actually, more than I thought I would. We fit will together when he was always home. We didn't usually annoy each other, we hung out, but still did our own thing, and he helped keep me sane and patient. I liked his companionship, and I miss it. However, I know this is his job, and if not for his job, I'd have never met him. Plus, learning how to be independent (again), is never a bad thing. Other than that, summer is half over, and it really doesn't feel like I've done much. I'm feeling kind of alone this summer. My friends are away, and I'm here. Mostly working. The Fringe is starting today, so hopefully that will make me a bit more social. Or at least out of my house, even if I have to go alone.

Novel: To be perfectly honest, I'm getting a little bit impatient. It will be four months on August 4th (also a holiday). I don't have any confirmation that they received it, and I really am dreading hearing a 'no', even though it could definitely happen. However, I'd be happy to get a yes or a no, just so I can figure out what my next step is. As for the second novel, I need to work on it. Now. Today. Always. I should really grab my laptop, and sit at a coffee shop or pub, and just write. (While people watching).

Love: I kind of covered that, I guess in the life section. This month has been good. Still in love, still happy, he's legit (In case anybody has been wondering). He and I are happy, and we will continue to be happy. We are going to have a fantastic future together. (With alliteration and everything!) I have no doubt about it.

This Time Last Year: 

I think Clint was working 18 days with three off, and much farther away - so things are better this year. I was writing (novel writing) more last year. I'll get back at it.
Twitter: "Two pairs of sandals, polka dot sneakers and boots. That's not going overboard for camping right?" Looks like I went Camping! I haven't gone camping this year, and I'm not sure if I will. Makes me kind of sad actually.

Facebook: Conveniently, FB now has something you can click that says "On This Day". So it's easy to find out what I did last year. This was it:

 I haven't used them much.

Onto the next post in the same post: Selfies:

I've kind of spoken about this before, but I'm going to again. I post selfies. Maybe there is some psychological reason why I need to let people see pictures of myself. Do I need the self esteem boost? Not really. Do I share too much of myself (pictures and info)? Maybe. Maybe I should just take pictures of the scenery, but I like to have me in the scenery. Why? I don't know. Maybe I just want to look back someday and know I was there, and I was living, AND I was having fun.

I take pictures of outfits when I like them, I take pictures to see my hair, to show off jewelry or outfits, and to show where I've been and who I have been with., I take pictures of me making funny faces, and frankly, I don't usually care if I'm making a funny face. (Although, I'm not a fan of double chinned pictures). I also take pictures of myself to send to C - so he can remember what I look like while he's away at work.

Either way, I've decided to stop caring about why I do it. It's the age of social media, and it is something I do without apology. I can't care if I'm bothering somebody with my posts. I have enough things I stress myself out with needlessly, to worry about the fact that I'm posting too many pictures of myself. I'm not going to worry about it.

As I write this, I am wondering what my point is. I guess I've seen a lot about selfies lately. In blogs, on Facebook, or other social media or news online. I think people can take too many photos of themselves. I think posting a picture on Facebook of yourself driving while you are driving is dangerous. Obviously, I don't do that. Although, I can barely change the radio station while driving.

So I'm going to continue posting too much, and sharing pictures because that's what I do.

I recently read this post: I thought it was interesting. Can I go without posting selfies for 30 days? Here's the truth: I think I have to wait until November. There are too many great things coming up that I'll probably not be able to resist! Haha. I'll never learn. So, November, I'll try not to post or take selfies.

Until then... you can look forward to more selfie-bration from me.

And of course, since we're on the topic:

Many times, I do take selfies with others!

 Newfoundland Selfies.

Iceberg Selfie

Feet selfies?

 And: I also take a lot of pictures of food. To add some balance to my picture taking life. :)

And as always:
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Wednesday 30 July 2014

What I didn't do.

Wednesday, July 30

I have to talk about something that in my mind makes me sound like a terrible person. Thinking about it makes me feel like a terrible person. It's still bothering me though, so I think if I write about it, that might help. -Even if the people reading might also think I'm a horrible person.

I've been having trouble blogging lately, and I think it's because I wanted to write about this, but I wasn't sure how.

Last Saturday, after getting home from helping my parents move (while slightly hungover), C and I headed to bed and both fell asleep quickly.

I woke up sometime later, to a girl yelling. I think she was on 8th Street (the busy street one street away from mine). She yelled one thing, "Somebody help me." She proceeded to cry. Loudly. I listened and could tell nobody was with her. There was no other voices, just her loud and frustrated cries. I could hear her footprints walking along the sidewalk. I could also hear cars driving by (on 8th).

What did I do? Nothing. I did nothing, and I've felt guilty about it since it happened.

I was half asleep, but I don't think that's an excuse. I rolled over and looked at the time on my phone. It was around 2:30 in the morning. In my head, I convinced myself that somebody else would help her because she was on 8th Street. I convinced myself that she wasn't in any danger because she was alone. I didn't know any of this. I thought maybe she was lost/or didn't have a phone when the bars closed, and was drunk and frustrated. Once again, I didn't know.

I contemplated what to do. I thought I should wake Clint up to go help, or go out myself and help. I thought about calling the cops so they could look into it. Looking back, I should have done the latter. I didn't though. I stayed awake and worried about her. I tried to make my mind up, and eventually could no longer hear her footsteps or her cries. (I heard her steps longer than I heard her cries). 

I must have fallen back to sleep because I thought I talked to C about it, but in the morning, he told me I didn't talk to him. Half asleep dreaming, I guess.

I should have woken him up right away because the fact that he was with me should have been a comfort. Instead, I felt frozen. I didn't know what to do, but lay there and worry and stress out. 

I checked the police report/online paper the next day, and saw nothing, which made me feel a little bit better. The police has a website that maps crimes.

Somebody pointed out that I could have dreamed the whole thing. That could be true. I don't think it is, but if it is - what does that say about my subconscious? I've been feeling very guilty about it, and as much as I don't like to admit it, I've been feeling a little scared of the area I live. (It's not a bad area, but it is a busy area). So, if it was a dream, it certainly did it's job in feeling like a nightmare.

I've been a bit more stressed out than usual (I'm a stressed out person to begin with) since C has been gone this time around. I'm not sure what it was about that night, or what is going on in my head, but it is something I need to deal with. 

What's the point of this post? I'm not really sure. I guess everybody gets reminders that they can be better. This was my reminder. I can be better. I regret not calling the police, or not waking Clint up. I can't change it now, but I can write about it, and hope that if the situation arises again, I will do something. (And hope the situation doesn't happen again).

8th Street at Sunset.

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Monday 28 July 2014

Half way through Summer

July 28

It really feels like summer has only just begun, but at the end of the week, it will be August. It's crazy how quickly this lovely season flies by.

It feels like this past while, I've been doing a lot of waiting.

I've been waiting for the publishing company to get get back to me. However, I was pretty patient (my sort of patient) up until we hit the third month mark. I'm less patient now, and excited to find out what happens next. If I don't get published by this company, I will be sad, but I want to know so I can make my next decision and figure out where to send it next. Ever since reading that the publishing company takes 3-4 months, I've been a little on edge, waiting and wondering if anything will come of my first attempt at bravery. I will continue waiting. Next week, will be four months.

It feels like so long ago since I sent it in, but I also feel like I've been trying to rush the months along because I want to find out what happens next. (The picture seemed fitting).

The waiting makes me impatient, and I hate to hurry life because it's impossible to enjoy it to my full extent if all I want is for time to go faster.

NOW, I'm having even more trouble because C is gone back to work. For 11 days, I hope time speeds up so I can enjoy the three days he has off with me. It's almost silly. I should enjoy every day, every moment, and not rush time. I still text him every day. I still send him pictures when I see something I think he'll like. I miss him like crazy, and that's how it should be, but I need to stop trying to hurry things along, and enjoy the moments with and without him. 

Where does this leave me? I don't know. I'm still waiting for the publishing company to get back to me, and still slowly thinking about and planning my next book.

 I'm still waiting for C to come home for three days. (Three days that I hope go by slowly).

But in the meantime, I have to enjoy what I have left of summer. Go write my book on a patio. Or read a book by the river. Take pictures of flowers. (I do that a lot). Enjoy drinks or walks or summer festivals with friends and family. Enjoy life, and stop rushing things.

With that being said, I really want to find out the future of my book. Even if the future isn't going to be with the publishing company. Waiting... but enjoying life...

Sorry, not much to say on this Monday writing update.

Actually, that's not true. I have a lot to say. I just haven't had time to get my thoughts together yet.

I'm going to finish reading my great book now. Almost done it.

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Thursday 24 July 2014

5 words or less descriptions

Describe yourself, your favourite character and your book, each in 5 words or less. 

Because this seems a little book themed, I'm going to choose a favourite character from my book.

Erin (me): Writer, Friend, Family, Love, Gratitude/Humour

Favourite Character (Shauntell): Best friend, Humour, Support, Stubborn, Teacher

My Book: Family, Friendship, Honesty, Fear, Support

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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August Blog Challenge


I need a change up from the other prompts I've been doing. I'll still be doing them until August AND after, but I think in August I'm going to actually attempt to blog every day with these. (Thanks Pinterest and lifewithkolbi). I'm up to the challenge, and feel like I've been slacking a bit lately. This will hopefully help get be back into blogging shape.

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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Creative Writing Prompts: sharing my writing...

July 17

This is it. I'm sharing my writing. (After I write it). I'm actually using my writing prompts to do some Creative Writing. I haven't shared in quite a while, and never on this blog. (Shared fiction, or stories that is).

I'm using a post from Monday as inspiration. Here. I'm trying to put myself in the place of somebody who didn't ask for things to be shared. I had actually hoped to try out some 'comedy', but obviously, after Monday's post, this isn't comedy.

Also, I apologize for any errors. I'm not perfect at grammar, and even though I do read it over a couple of times, I may still miss things. 

This is the prompt: 
“Her coffee cup slipped right out of her hand and smashed into a thousand pieces on the kitchen floor…”
     Her coffee cup slipped right out of her hand and smashed into a thousand pieces on the kitchen floor. She didn't react to the mess. She slowly looked up from her phone.
    "You okay?" I asked her, while grabbing the broom. She didn't answer me as I swept around her. Finally, she stepped over the mess and grabbed the wine from the fridge while grabbing two glasses.

    I laughed. "Wine now? No more coffee? You thought it would look better on the floor?"

    "Anna?" She sat down at the table. "Come sit down."

    I set the broom against the wall and sat down after throwing the broken glass away. She poured the wine and handed it to me. "What's going on? What was on your phone?" I was feeling pretty nervous. Jane didn't freak out often.

    "You... I ..." She shook her head, as though trying to clear it. "Did you share any pictures of yourself with anybody? You know? Naked ones?"

    I tried to look shocked, but started to panic. "What's on your phone?"

   "Anna! Why would you do that?" She gave me her best smart older sister look.

    "I've only ever sent one picture. I texted Blaine a picture when we first started dating."

    "When you first started dating??" she asked. "Why would you do that? You didn't know how long you were going to last!"

    "It was an impulse. He asked, and I thought it would be sexy. I kind of regretted it after I sent it, but I guess I forgot about it."

   "Even after you two broke up? Did you forget about it?"

    "Well, kind of. I mean, he told me he deleted it months ago. I trusted him," I said. "Why? Why are you asking? What are you looking at?"

   "How bad did things end?" she asked.

   "I told you! Why? Can you just tell me what is going on?" I tried to grab the phone from her. 

   She pointed to my wine glass instead. "I don't think you told me enough. You only told me the parent allowed stuff. Was he a bad guy? Why did you guys break up?"

   "I didn't want to be with him anymore. I told him we were over. I felt like we weren't going anywhere." I drank my wine. "You KNOW this. That's why I'm here! I moved out. We didn't make it any more then six months living together."

   "He was a jerk? You can tell me! Was he mean to you? Do stupid things? Was he really angry when you broke up?"

    "Jane! Come on! This is ridiculous. Yeah. He was angry. He thought we could just stay together. I wasn't happy, and he didn't even know I wasn't happy. He wasn't really a jerk. He just didn't put any effort into anything. It wasn't until I left that he seemed super angry. Like he knew it was really happening I guess."

    She poured us more wine. "Drink this -NO, wait!" She stood up, and grabbed a shot glass and a bottle of tequilla from her cupboard.

   "I really hate tequilla," I said.

   "Drink it, you'll be happy you did. I don't have any chasers." She looked around. "Meh, just chase it with your wine."

   "Jane, can you just tell me what's going on?"

   She poured us each a shot, and handed it over. "Drink it."

   It already felt like I had a lump in my stomach, but I did as she said. I took the shot, and a big drink of my wine to chase away the flavour. That's why they call it a chaser, right? 

   She poured us more wine.

   "Jane, I'm not done the glass I have. What is going on? Just tell me. I'm a big girl, I can handle it."

    She sighed. "I follow him on twitter. You know - because I follow everybody. I was just looking at it."


   "You really don't know what I'm going to say?" She stared at me.

    "No," I said. I was only half telling the truth, but didn't want to say it out loud. I had to hear it.

    "He posted a picture of you. Naked. No clothes. Everything. Everything, Anna. Why did you send it to him?"

    "Why did he do that?" I asked. Even while asking, I was trying my hardest not to believe it. "He wouldn't do that."

   "Anna, I just had to see my sister naked on social media. Don't play naive now." She passed me the phone.

   I picked it up, but didn't look at it. I took a long drink of my wine. I wouldn't look at her. Finally, I picked up the phone, and looked. I quickly dropped it back down. Above the picture it said: #myexgirlfriend. That was it. No explanation. Just a picture of me for no reason.

   "I'm sorry!" Jane tried to reach for my hand.

    "How do we get it down? How many people have seen it? I need to go over there!"

    "Over there? To Blaine's? Why?" When I refused to grab her hand, she took her phone back and shut it off.

     "Why? To kill him! To KILL HIM! I don't deserve this? Why would he have done this?"

     "You aren't going to kill him!" she protested.

     "We'll see! Let's go!" I stood up and grabbed my coat. I felt like putting five more layers on to protect myself from all the people who may have seen my nude selfie. 

       "You aren't going. Sit back down. I've reported the picture, and hopefully they'll take it down soon. You going over there isn't going to help. You're too angry. And I'm guessing he's too angry."

     "Why did I send him that picture?" I sat down next to her. "I'm so stupid."

      "You aren't stupid. You made a mistake, but he made a worse one. Why would he post it? Why did he take that huge trust you had in him and do this?"

     Calming down a little, I looked over at her. "What are we going to do?" I asked her.

       "I don't know," she said. "Hope they pull it down I guess, and hope not many people saw it."

     "I'm not even looking at my phone. I don't want to know if anybody has seen this and are texting me about it! Oh GOD! This never happened to the woman in Sex and the City!" I was trying to joke, but couldn't even crack a smile at it.

      "They probably didn't have cameras or know how to use Twitter." She tried to joke back, but wasn't smiling either.


    "Yeah," she said.

     I looked at her with horror. "Mom and Dad don't know how to use Twitter do they?"

The Kind of End

Obviously, that's not the end. It is for now though. I don't really think I can imagine to the full extent how heart broken I'd be if somebody I had once loved shared something they shouldn't have. I guess, I'd eventually try to use humour, but I don't know if that would actually help. I don't know. I do know... it won't actually happen to me. So I will stick to just imagining.

My next creative writing prompt (whenever that will be), won't be about the same thing. 

Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry if it wasn't as great as it could be. It's kind of like a quick writing assignment. There isn't a lot of time to make it perfect, and I actually don't know how I would. 

Until next time...

And as always:
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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Head's Up: Creative writing to come!

Okay, so I'm using the writing prompts (found below in the ideas link), and tomorrow I will be posting my very first creative writing post. And I'm scared. I will anyway.

I can't get this topic out of my head: Yesterday's Post, so I'll be using the prompt with that topic, I'm just not quite sure how yet.

So stay tuned because more writing to come. Strange how sharing my personal real life stories isn't as scary as posting my creative side.

Till tomorrow...

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Monday 21 July 2014

Sharing what isn't Yours to share.

July 21

Originally, I was going to post about selfies. It's a topic lately I've seen floating around. I had my opinion, but now, things have changed. I no longer care what people think of me for choosing to post a selfie of myself.

Some days, I feel bad about what I post online. I feel like I share too many pictures (of anything), too many links, and too many personal thoughts. I have decided to stop feeling bad about it. There are things that are posted online that are completely inappropriate. 

I recently logged onto Twitter, and in my trends suggestions, hashtag twitter purge (I refuse to do the actual hashtag) was on it. Curious and naive me decided to click it. I can honestly say I was horrified. Pictures of vagina's and breasts popped up in front of me. It appeared as though people were posting naked photos of women who were either exes, or something. These women (I'm guessing many were younger than 18) didn't give permission for their naked photos to be posted.

Here's an article about it:

I think it is unacceptable that it was posted on Twitter. Unacceptable. It should have been caught before it got as far as it did, and it never should have been picked as a 'trend'. I'm so angry that the world has come to this. Nobody I followed was participating, but as far as I know most of the people I follow are writers and people who aren't interested in posting pornography.

These girls/women sent pictures of themselves to boys. Whether or not they should have isn't even worth debating. I do think it's a lesson in what you send people, but that is not what is important here. Having pictures shared of yourself, even if they aren't inappropriate isn't fair.

(As I write this, I've just gone through my entire blog to make sure there aren't too many photos of others. I'm leaving photos of C because he knows they are there. I'll have to check my gratitude blog, as well. I'm leaving pictures from far away, or older than 10 years, and I'm leaving a couple of pictures that have me with people, but trying not to have any of just one person. To be clear, none are inappropriate.) 

I'm beyond disappointed with this, and I'm sad that this isn't the first time. The first thing I thought when this was suggested to me by Twitter, was 'I need to quit'.

I didn't. I'm not sure if that was the correct choice, but I didn't. I'm still going to share my blog on twitter, and I'm still going to read what others have written. I like discovering new stories, writing advice and techniques, and blogs through Twitter. I don't like finding what is most likely child pornography.

How can anybody think that it is appropriate to post nude pictures of ANYBODY? How can they see right and wrong, and not realize that this is worse than wrong? I understand breaking the rules. This isn't breaking the rules. It is wrong. It is mean. It is stupid. It shouldn't have happened.

It's not the only thing that shouldn't have happened on social media. Women who have been raped are made fun of through pictures or memes on Social Media. When did this become okay? 

If Twitter and cell phones and uploading pictures had been around in the 90s, would this have happened then? I like to think no. I like to think people were raised not to, but I honestly have no idea. I'm so grateful that I am not a teenager now, and I fear for what new and humiliating things are to come for younger people. They easily trust, and easily fall in love, and sometimes don't realise that things might not work out. I would have been just like that. (Although, too shy to send nudes).

I don't have much else to say about this. The topic is terrible, and although I wish it would, my post isn't going to help make things better. I'm so sorry these girls/women have not been respected. I hope things get better.

One other thing, I did not see any nude photos of males. If I had, this would be focused on both male and female because it shouldn't happen to anybody.

As for the original 'Selfie' topic. I'll get back to it. Another day.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Sunday 20 July 2014

Favourite words

July 20, 2014

What are your 5 favourite words?

I was originally trying to figure out which words I thought sounded the best. The 'cool' or 'unique' sounding words (like unique, for example). However, my brain kind of quit on me, and although there are lots of them, I couldn't think of any. So I procrastinated (also a great word) from doing this post. 

Instead of using the unique words, I'm going to use words that mean a lot when I hear them. I am also using more than five.

  1. Jaded: I've actually always loved this word. This is the one that I loved before I knew the meaning. I love the meaning as well. I definitely plan to use it in a few stories. My characters can be jaded, I can't. 

  2. Hate: It's a horrible word, but it makes you feel something when you hear it. Once again, something good to use in my stories. They aren't focused on hate, and never will be, but anger and hate go hand in hand sometimes. 
  3. Love: The opposite of hate. Something that makes the world go round. Family, friends, boy, girl... love is good.
  4. Lie: The very worst word, but a favourite in the literary sense. 
  5. Hope: It makes me smile just saying it out loud. I actually used to want to name a daughter that. I changed my mind when I heard how many Hope's are in soap operas. I've picked new names for my imaginary children. Still though, I love the word and I love the definition. Having hope helps people get through the day. Just like the next word.
  6. Gratitude: Anybody who knows me, may assume that this will be one of my favourites. I have an entire blog about it. It's a great sounding word, and has a fantastic meaning. Gratitude is what helps get me through the day.
  7. Friendship: This one is a theme in both my writing and my life. I constantly write about great friendships. I've learned to write about them because of my own great friendships.
  8. Family: Another theme in both life and writing. Happy words make me happy. While 'hate', 'jaded' and 'lie' are all great words, they don't make me as happy as the last three.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Wednesday 16 July 2014

Quitting some Social Media

July 15 (And 16th)

Today, I quit LinkedIn.

I am a very active user of Facebook, but that's for people I know personally. I share too much on it to feel comfortable expanding my list to acquaintances. That being said, I also, at times, share too much on this blog, so that kind of takes away from what I just said. I guess I don't use it to market myself (I do talk about myself a lot though). I also feel like I have too many friends on it. I am a friend deleter as well.

I'm on Instagram. This is another that I'm not as public on. I use it to make cool pictures even more cool. I share on FB, Twitter, and my blog. I quite enjoy using it, and seeing other people's pictures as well. My account is private, but I usually accept requests to follow. Also, I take pictures of my food.

Twitter: I've just figured out how to use it in the last couple of years. I use it A LOT to talk about writing, learn about writing, link it to my new posts, and sometimes follow celebrities. I'm only half kidding, but I do follow actors and musicians I admire or enjoy and all authors I can. It's strange because I'd be lost without it, even though three years ago I never used it.

I'm also on Google Plus, which I think is normal for anybody with a gmail/google account. I don't really use it at all, except to share my blog.

Back to the original story of quitting LinkedIn, I couldn't figure out why I was on it. Maybe if I get published, I'll rejoin, but for now, it's a hassle I don't need. I think I am too open on the Internet as it is. I have no problem admitting that, but I don't plan to change what I say in my blogs. I think it's good for me to express how I'm feeling, and to tell my embarrassing stories when I have them. I just can't keep up. I don't want to add people to my LinkedIn, and I also hate that I did it wrong, and sent a request to every person I've ever emailed. Basically, it is a relief to be rid of it. I don't need another way for strangers to see my life. I get that is is a professional social media group, but I still don't get the need for another one.

It felt good to delete it. Maybe someday I'll delete another, but for now, it was one step away from the things that weigh me down online.

I wrote a post a while ago about complaints I have about my online Facebook life. It's right here.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Monday 14 July 2014

Writing Life Monday

July 14

Seems like it's a writing Monday kind of update.

I was on a roll for a bit last week. It may have been the excitement of my new desk. I wrote everyday while C worked on the his computer at the desk next to me. It was great.

I seem to have slowed down lately. I'm worried with C gone to work, I won't be motivated to write. That sounds terrible, and I know all I need to do is actually write. Once I start, I know all will work out.

My plan is to write an hour each night. No excuses.

I am happy with what I've written so far. It's a story I hadn't imagined would branch off from the original novel, and a character I wasn't prepared to deal with. I like how it's going, but I'm more excited for what's to come. It's taken some time from editing, which is too bad. I haven't quite learned how to multi-task my writing. It'll be great to learn because than I'll get novel writing, editing, AND blogging done in one night. I'm still working on the balance.

Shutting off Netflix might be a start.

Also, it's been four months and a week since I sent my novel in. I'm finding myself waiting for the mail to appear at my desk more than I was a week ago. I think if I do get mail, that pretty much means I won't be getting published with my first option, but I don't actually know that for sure. I'm guessing I'll hear by email (if it is a yes), but again, I have NO idea how it works.

Thanks for reading.

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Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Sunday 13 July 2014

Sunday Song

July 13

I heard this song while at a patio this weekend. I thought it was fantastic. 

That's all I have to say for today. Just a quick Sunday post. 

Thanks for reading.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Thursday 10 July 2014

Appreciation for Throwback Thursday. No need to rush life...

July 10

I don't know if I've ever done a'throwback Thursday' on my Writing Blog. If I have, I don't remember. I've done it on my gratitude blog more than once because I am grateful for many things that have happened in the past.

There's a little story about something I'm feeling bad about lately, but first, my throwback Thursday choice to explain it. The picture above was the very first picture ever taken of Clint and I. It was in Saskatoon during a Country Cabaret, September of 2012. It was a selfie, taken a couple of beers in. It's a nice one of my eyes and his hat, and a GREAT one of him looking incredibly sexy. We had been dating since May of 2012, but the first time I got us in the picture together was my birthday weekend. (Or as I affectionately called it, 'I'm still 31 weekend').

This is our last photo from July 1, 2014.

 I've spoken about him a lot in this blog. Because I write about things I love, and things that are in my life. Also, if I'm writing a blog about writing, he is an important part of that. Anybody who has read this blog knows that. He not only encourages me, he nags me, he asks questions, he listens to me talk about what I'm writing, and he tells me I'll get published because my writing is good. I've never really had that kind of encouragement.  I appreciate him for it everyday.

I know we've only been together for 2 plus years, and that's not as long as so many others, but I'm glad I didn't meet him until now. It doesn't matter that we've ONLY been together for two years because we WILL be together for much longer than that. I'm going to guess we will be together until I'm old and grey. And this isn't just something I've made up because I'm crazy in love and thinking like a teenager. Realistically, I am not thinking like a teenager. Clint and I have both spoken about where we are, and where we want to be, and we are still incredibly happy with each other. Some may say it's the 'honeymoon stage', but I don't think so. We make each other laugh, we make each other smile, we bug each other, we sometimes annoy the other, but in the end we love each other completely. 

Why am I talking about this?

Because lately, I've turned into an annoying ANNOYING girl, and I have been 'bugging' him about a ring or a wedding. I've never really cared about weddings. I think I should just be happy with what I've got. I'm still a girl; I still dream about the pretty ring, and sharing our wedding day with loved ones, but that doesn't mean I need it. 

We've spoken more than once about how we will do it, IF we do it. I've been getting obsessive. I have looked at dresses online, and spoken about what will happen on this 'imaginary' day. All without a ring. 

But here is the only truth you need to know, if I NEVER get a ring, and NEVER get my wedding, I won't let it get me down because I'll still be with him. We are officially living together, and we know that we'll continue to stay together. Other than saying vows, we are already living them.  Living them happily, for that matter. We already have a marriage.

So why am I trying to go one step further? I've tried SO hard these past couple of years to appreciate what I have, and love my life as it is. To be perfectly honest, it hasn't been very hard to do. Things are good, I'm happy in love, I'm writing, I'm working, and I do appreciate the little things along with the big things. So why the hell am I spending so much time lately dreaming about a future I already have and nagging Clint to dream with me.

So while a ring and a wedding would be lovely, I really don't need to care. I'm stating that here and now. I'm not going to worry about it until it happens. If it happens. I'm focusing to much on my future when I should be loving NOW, and it's almost ridiculous. This isn't me, and I'm sorry that Clint (and my friends) have had to see this side of me lately.

I am just happy to know Clint and I are solid, good, and in love. So Throwback Thursday... sure, the past has been great to think back to with Clint. The present is even better. The future will be great, but I don't have to worry about that. I don't have to be so impatient to move forward from what I have right now.

That's it. Happy Thursday.  

Thanks for reading.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

©ErinLeahMcCrea All photos I share on my blogs are my own, please Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.