Tuesday 11 March 2014

March 10th What I'm proud of

March 10: Something you're proud of.

I don't mean to show off about how great I am or anything, but I'm proud of quite a few things. I am kidding about showing off. I think everybody needs to have things they are proud of. They also need to be proud of others. Name me any person I know, and I will give you a list of things that make me proud to know them. This one will be about me though. If you haven't already noticed, I quite enjoy talking about myself.

Leaving for Katimavik: It seems like it wasn't any big thing now, and that maybe it wasn't an experience of a lifetime. It was. When I was 18 years old, I packed my bags, and got on a plane (alone) to Newfoundland. I had joined a program (that is no longer a program), that allowed me to live in three different places in Canada, and travel with other Canadians aged 17-24. They were strangers to me at the start. I lived in Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec. Looking back, hopping onto a plane for a program I didn't really know a lot about was brave. I'm proud of 18 year old Erin for experiencing life outside of high school in a big way. I knew university would come, but wanted to travel first. I also met great friends that I still have today (some thanks to FB).

Katimavik Experiences in Newfoundland

Getting a university degree: I have an English Degree. It's almost useless. I'm still happy I got it. I mean, university was one of those things that I always knew I would do. I never thought I would quit once I started. I am just happy I have the university experience and the degree. Of course, picking one that helped me in my future career would have been good as well. I took actual Creative Writing courses from actual writers though. That's pretty cool. Also I do write for a living, so I'm guessing it helped in a few ways. Though mostly Broadcasting School got me my current job.

Getting my Diploma

Leaving for Korea and staying: Once again, I left all that I knew for travelling. Part of this was because I worked at a grocery store with my English degree. Another part was the need to get out of my every day boring life. I needed to experience life, and I can't even imagine where I'd be if I chose not to go. Married with kids, working at Sobeys? Ugh. I left my boyfriend of five years, family and friends. During my first few weeks in Korea, I honestly didn't think I'd make it past six months. I made it, and added on another six. Korea changed the way I look at life. It changed the way I am. I also met great friends that I still have today (some thanks to FB).
Para-gliding in Korea
I'm the go-kart winner! (In Korea)
I also figured out how to use the subway system in Korea. Makes all others seem easy.
Finishing my Novel: You must have known this one was coming. I talk about it all the time. I'm so proud of myself for finishing. Up until I started on it, I had only ever written short stories. I took a long break from fiction writing, and when I got back to it, I started the novel and never looked back. It took a while. I am a wonderful procrastinator. I did it though. I still have a lot of work, but I wrote a damn book, and I still smile when I remind myself of that.

There's more I'm sure. These are the main 'life changing' moments in my life. There will be more, I'm sure.

One more thing, I've changed my comment regulations. For some reason it was set to only google plus users. Now anybody can comment. Of course, if the comment is trying to sell me anything or money making posts from strangers, it will be deleted. Other than that, I love comments, and it makes me feel loved. So feel free!

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  1. Lots to be proud of. You've taken some great leaps into life and faced everything that has come your way.