Wednesday 23 March 2016

I forgot to blog

March 23, 2016

It's been a really long time. I have no excuses. I just simply haven't been writing or blogging. The last time I posted was in December. big-big-changes.html I wrote about the first trimester of my pregnancy.

I'm now in my third trimester. Somehow, I made it this whole time without blogging. I thought about it more than once, but never actually followed through with any posts. The pregnancy has nothing to do with it. It shouldn't be something that stops my writing.

Either way, that is the topic of my post because to be perfectly honest, that's my life lately. I work (and plan to work until the due date), I hang out with Drogo and Clint, and I catch up with friends and family. 

National Puppy Day!

And... I am growing a baby. Believe me, with 8 weeks, four days left, I still manage to walk by a mirror and freak myself out. I don't even know how many times I've thought or said "Oh my god, I'm pregnant."

Time has moved so quickly. I have been keeping track of things in a journal, but every time I thought about blogging, I just didn't. Time to get back into the habit. (Not always about baby stuff, but that's the topic of this post.) It's the biggest thing in my life, and happening so quickly.

I was VERY lucky. My first and second trimester were easy. Other than sore back/breasts, and being exhausted for the first trimester, I was lucky enough not to have to deal with being sick.

The second trimester was good as well. Back aches and lack of sleep were something I've learned to live with, but I was okay with it in the second trimester.

Clint and I went for an ultrasound in the 20th week to make sure everything was going okay. Not only were things looking good, but we found out what we were going to have. We were both okay with either, but I'm sure he was more wanting a boy, and I was just a tad more wanting a girl. We were fine with boy or girl though.

It's a boy!

His foot and head. Baby Anthony.

It was pretty exciting finding out, and I had no plans to keep quiet about it. I haven't kept it a secret, but also didn't announce it in any special way. It's just a fact. My house will be filled with boys. 

I'm so happy just to know. A healthy baby boy.

I've enjoyed it all, from the very first flutters, to the actual kicks, to the bum sticking my belly out. I'm incredibly happy. I look forward to my monthly doctor's appointments because I think hearing the heart beat is still one of the most calming sounds. It's always a relief. He's there. He's growing.

Going into the third trimester, things have gotten a little harder.

These are taken in the first few days of my third trimester.  (28 weeks)

I still love all the same things I loved before, but am getting hit with a few more realities. 

I'm dealing with constant backaches. Some sciatic pains that aren't easy to deal with. Some days are better than other. 

I've joined an exercise class for Mom's to Be at a place called Fitbump. I think it's going to help a little with the aches and pains, and hopefully help me after baby comes. I have NOT exercised enough. This fact is becoming clear after my classes. It's fun meeting other people who are due around the same time as me. Gives me a break from thinking about the aches and pains because I'm doing something that will also help me sleep and feel better.

Something I looked forward to going into this pregnancy was the cravings. I wanted the strange cravings. I wanted the chance to eat just a little differently than I eat now. I wanted to eat for two. I craved sweets. I still do. I'm normally a salt girl, but baby has wanted sweets. I've wanted sweets.

This has changed though. I've been hit with another new reality for the next few months. Gestational Diabetes. I failed the glucose test. Twice. I've met with a dietitian, and I now take my blood levels four times a day. This means, four times a day, I convince myself that pricking my fingers doesn't hurt, and I need to stop being a baby. 

After meals, my blood levels are good. However, every morning, I take a fasting blood level test, and those levels are bad. Usually, they are bad. It's not really because of anything I'm doing (but I have cut out a lot of treats). My dietitian has assured me that diet alone doesn't always help with fasting blood sugar levels, and she is setting me up with a nurse to talk about controlling it through insulin. It sounds absolutely scary to me (having to give myself a shot every night), but also it is important. I go to my 'Diabetes in Pregnancy' clinic next Thursday to discuss the next steps. 

Keeping baby safe is number one, which is why I'm taking this seriously. I don't feel unhealthy because of the gestational diabetes, but I need to keep baby healthy as well. I'm no longer just in control of my life. Yikes. 

I don't think my case is really bad, but it could definitely be better. I don't know why I have it, but it's something that pops up in people who are 35 or older. There are other factors, but that's the category I fit into.  

It's scary, and not somewhere I ever imagined myself, but it'll be fine. It's not life threatening, it's just something I have to take care of. This whole experience has been one big change after another, and if this is what I get, I can figure it out. 

In other news (and the last bit of news in this post), I've got my Curious George nursery started. It feels good to have one thing off my list. We've still got quite a bit more to buy. But have a place for baby to sleep (and decals). It's a good start.

This weekend, I plan to update my book blog because I'm also three books behind on that. I'll try to post again next week. Hopefully about the writing course I have enrolled in. 

Talk to you soon.

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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