Saturday 1 March 2014

February 27 & 28 'The Little Things' and 'When you Smile'

27.   The little things

Well, as I say quite often, and try to remind myself, the little things are the important things. It's the entire reason I started my 'gratitude' blog. I wanted to appreciate everything in my life even when I think it's not enough. For a while, when I was younger, I didn't think I was doing enough in my life, I wanted to travel, I wanted a better career, I wanted more. 

Many years now, I see I need to be happy where I am. I can still dream about the future, but that's all things I have to do on my own. 

So the little things that happen in my life, and between C and I are my favourite things. I like sitting next to him blogging while he plays silly computer games. I like sharing a cup of coffee in the morning. I like cuddling with him before we go to bed. All these things are what make my life so great. 

28.   When you smile

I love when you smile. You're really good at your 'half smile' in pictures, but I like when you actually smile. I like when you smile at me, and smile at a joke I make. I like when you smile at a story you're telling. I like when you smile because I know you're happy. When you're happy, that makes me happy.

That's it for February prompts. March is here! I'll post the prompts for the current month in a bit.

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