Monday 31 March 2014

March 31st Inspiration

March 31: Where do you get your inspiration?

First of all, how is March over already? Time feels like it is going so quickly this year.

For the question, I'm trying to give an organised answer. I have people that inspire my life, people that inspire my writing, and people that inspire my characters.

I'll just do a short list, and if I miss anybody, well... I have no apologies for that. I'll get you next time.

My parents have inspired me every day of my life. There were a few days in the teenage years, that I didn't realise it and was not as grateful as I should have been, but that doesn't mean they didn't shape and inspire me. I learned about kindness and love from them. I hope I show that in my life and in my writing.

My sister has always inspired me. She lives her life, learns from the past, and is optimistic about the future. She's smart, and if I need advice on character's problems or my problems, I'll ask her. She also got the math doing gene, so she can help me with that as well. If I need anything, she'll be there, and she has been there.

I'm lucky enough to have two best friends. I don't need to name names. They know who they are. They are my friend soul mates. I consider myself exceptionally lucky to have them supporting me in my life -during the good times and the bad times. They inspire me ALL the time. They are both caring, beautiful, sincere and honest woman. While no character in my book is based on real people, I gave the BFF (Shauntell) some lessons from these two. The reason Shauntell is such a great best friend to Lucy is because I have experience with great best friends. They are both role models.

And my work bff. Or as we refer to one another 'Our socially awkward friend'. Meaning we are friends because we're both socially awkward. (me more than her, haha). Either way, becoming friends with her these past few years (three, I think), has been great. You always need that friend that you can complain to about things happening at work or in your life, and you can tell them good news as well. She inspires me all the time. She listens, gives advice, cares about her friends and family, and she's going to make a fantastic mother. 

I have two friends that I don't see regularly (or ever) that inspire me almost daily. They both live too far away. 

N lives in Toronto, and she's always inspired me. She's also always been my biggest supporter in writing. When everybody else forgot I wrote (including myself), she would ask what I was writing, and suggest that I should be writing. She's a great writer herself and her confidence in me means the world. She's the first person I call or text when something big happens in my life. She's a great friend, Mother, and person. I totally miss her.

J lives in South Africa, but we met in South Korea. I actually just sent him an email telling him what his last words (in person) were to me before I left Seoul: "I'd say keep in touch, but that rarely happens." Something along those lines. It's funny because we're coming up on nine years of friendship. We email and we tell each other the truth about everything. I want to say he knows more about me than almost anybody. (And he's still friends with me). He enjoys my stories, especially if the involve me doing something silly. It happens, I promise.

I saved the best for last. 

C - the Boyfriend. When we were out on Saturday, I said something about wondering where I'd be if I had actually started writing seriously in my 20s. One of my best friends said, "You weren't ready, and you didn't have the support you do now." She was 100 percent correct. C has been so great during the writing process, and encouraging. From bribing me with wine to other fun activities, to nagging me because I wasn't writing, he's the reason I'm done. He's the first person I shared my novel with, and has not stopped encouraging me since he found out I write. Also -he's great in life too. Not just the 'writing life', he's there for me anytime I need encouragement or laughter, and I am SO happy to have him in my life. Lucky. I'm lucky we've found each other. (I think he's lucky as well).

I get inspired on a daily basis by people who are near me, people who are far away from me, people who are no longer with me, and strangers. I didn't mention everybody, but that would take DAYS.

I'm extremely lucky. And inspired (of course).

This picture has nothing to do with my entry. I just like the pretty flower. I grew that. Growing flowers is inspiring!! 

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Also, check out

Sunday 30 March 2014

March 30: Prompt, but really Writing Update!

March 30: Where am I with my novel?

I'm done the fourth draft. I've sent it to three new people to read. My sister is already done, but I'll save all the comments for one post. 

There is still work to do on it, but I'm going to start on the query letter this week. I'm pretty nervous about getting that perfect. I will be sending out my novel by the end of April. To the first publishers. I'll go from there.

Short post, but I'm tired. 

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Friday 28 March 2014

March 28 'Get out of Jail Free' March 29 Nobody Other than me

Doing two in one because I'm not touching my computer tomorrow. Plus, they're both easy.

March 28: Have you ever needed a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card?

Short and easy. No I haven't. If I do things that get me in trouble, I admit to it and accept the consequences.

UNLESS we are talking Monopoly. In that case, yes. I do enjoy the Get out of Jail Free Cards.

March 29: If you could be anyone for a day {past or present}, who would you be and why?

Err: I can't even handle my crazy brain. I'm not sure I'd love having somebody else's crazy thoughts.

Displaying 1396039843663.jpg

I wouldn't want to be anybody for a day. Hang out with them for a day? Yes. Be somebody else? No. Egotistical as it is, I just want to be the best me.

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Thursday 27 March 2014

UGH so close to being DONE March prompts

I don't like not writing these prompts I set out for myself because it's goals I set, and I don't want to break my writing goals.

That being said, they don't mean anything other than a bit of writing about myself. I've put a link below to my Gratitude blog. I've shared links between the two blogs before. Today's post is the important writing I've done today. This post won't be. I had actually considered just doing the copy and paste method. I won't though. SO: if you have a chance, check out something I wrote while thinking about how short life is. Because it is, and you have to love every minute of it.

And: here are the questions from yesterday and today. They will be short and sweet.

March 26: If you could make up your own holiday, what would you call it?
Erin month. That important time of year when I was born. I can't think of any other time I'd want an extended holiday.

I'm kind of kidding. My birthday falls just after Labour Day so it is like a week after a holiday. Plus I get a birthday day off of work, so I usually end up with two long weekends in a row.

Honestly... I don't have an answer to this question.

March 27: What was your first car?

Ford Festiva. (Felicia) Standard. She was a good car.

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

A Day in my Life Lately

Pictures of my day: You'll notice the essentials: coffee and wine. And computers, papers, and writing. The theme of my life. By Friday... I'll be done the editing. But the rest is just everyday.

Morning Coffee (best cup ever)

End of the month work papers. That's only half of my desk.

Cleared the papers over to novel edit at lunch. That's my lunch. 

Glass of wine after supper. It was essential. 

With... you guessed it! More editing.

Also, I did this: A blog entry where I'm honest about how freaking scary the next steps are to me.

And I did this: In which I remember to be grateful.

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Fears... Writing fears

Happy Wednesday!

I'm skipping the daily prompt. I'll do a 'two in one' tomorrow. It's some question that's silly. So it'll be fine if I don't do it right now (or at all). Also... I'm tired. My brain won't allow me to be creative with my answers. The truth is I need to write about my fears because they aren't leaving me alone.

I've been editing this draft for almost a month now (I'm on the fourth draft). I've been editing non stop since Friday night. Non stop, of course, is an exaggeration. I eat and I work. I also edit with the television on. I can't work in silence. I need music or background noise. (Side note, C and I have been watching Nashville on Netflix. I'm invested. Unfortunate that Netflix only has the first season).

I have also been editing every day at lunch at my desk. This means, I'm now dreaming about my novel. It's on my brain ALMOST 24-7. Is this healthy? I have no idea, but it doesn't feel like it.

Last night, I didn't sleep well. I'm pretty sure it was around three minute intervals, and I'd wake up with a new thought, and then try to get back to sleep. C confirmed this because I woke him up quite often with my wonderful tossing and turning. (I'm a pleasure to sleep with.) Especially while in editing stages. My goal now is to be done Friday. I want to get up on Saturday and have a weekend off. I'd like to leave the house, go for drinks with friends, and hang out outside the house. Friday night, I plan to email my novel off to my last three 'readers', and then take the rest of the weekend off.

Monday and the following two weeks, I will be working on writing a fantastic fucking query letter. I've never written one, so I will be doing a bit more research on it. Then... I'll perfect the first 20 pages of my novel even more, and send it off to a publisher. My first choice publisher. If they say no, I'll send it to the next one.

Fears Below...

Tried to be artsy with this photo. Didn't work. I cut of letters. I'll try it again some other day, and leave this one here.

The only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday.
Fears Fears Fears

I've written all my life. I've written for papers, and I've taken Creative Writing classes and workshops. I've blogged, and I've done writing for the radio (work), as well as personal writing like journals and letters.

In my entire life, I've sent only ONE story into a magazine. I can't even remember where. It was a short story (a great one). I wrote it when I was a teenager, and sent it to a youth/teen writing magazine. I'm sure the story wasn't perfect. If I read it now, I would find so many things to change.

I received a big fat (yet polite) NO from them. They gave advice, and encouragement, but it was still a no. I want to say I was sad, but I actually have no memory of being sad. (If it were now, I'd cry because I am REALLY good at crying). 

Here's what I did: I didn't try again. I shrugged it off, moved on with my life, I still wrote, but I never sent anything away again. It may have been partially laziness, but I'm guessing it was also fear. I didn't try, and that should be my biggest regret. I will be trying this time, and I'm already preparing myself for the first 'no'. Maybe it'll be a yes, but that seems pretty unlikely. It's a first novel, that can probably use a lot more love and attention.

This is my first novel, anything I wrote before had been short stories. There was a HUGE break when I didn't really write fiction or stories at all. I can't even imagine not writing now. I've somehow made it one of the essentials to my life. I'm pretty damn grateful for that.

Either way, I'm scared shitless. It was one thing, to finish my novel, but I think actually sending it away, will be my biggest accomplishment. I'll be proud of myself. It's easy to feel brave when you don't actually try things.

Don't worry, you'll know when it happens. I'll be blogging about it.

That is the fear portion of the day. Maybe writing this will help me sleep tonight.

Back to Brave Erin.

This is an interesting article I found about books being ready for publication. Good read.

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Tuesday 25 March 2014

March 25th Karma?

March 25: Do you believe that everyone gets what’s coming to them?

I've been staring at this question all morning. I'm in the midst of writing commercial scripts, and had hoped to update this between scripts, but all I do is stare at the question, I think about all the different things I could say, and then I go back to script writing. Since that's my job, it's really not a bad thing to do.

I've never been all that philosophical (In my opinion). In fact, in university, I went to one Philosophy 100 class, and quit directly after. It was possibly the wrong professor, but I couldn't do it. I just feel like I worry about too much as it is without the added question of 'why I'm here', 'what is reality' or 'is there a reason to life'. Add 'Do you Believe that everyone gets what's coming to them' and you have more questions I am not even going to pretend to know the answer to. Also add in 'everything happens for a reason' and I WILL run screaming and ranting away from the conversation. Worst. Saying. Ever. (In my humble opinion).

So - I don't know. I actually doubt it. I think some people get away with a lot. They do bad things, and keep on going with their lives. If they don't get caught, and don't feel guilty, then life just continues for them. I'm really just thinking about crimes and truly bad things right now. If you get caught, you get in trouble. Lies and secrets usually have a way of getting out. (Unless you're Dexter.) Then again, I've never had to keep a secret or lie about a crime I've committed, so I have NO idea how easy it is. All I can base my theory on is television... where life would be PRETTY boring if people didn't eventually discover the truth.

As for non crime related Karma, I don't think people always get what is coming to them. I mean if somebody treats others bad, breaks hearts, cheats, or does any other horrible thing, they can just continue on. (Depending on the person.) 

Depending on the person. That's basically it. We decide. If somebody feels guilty about their life choices, they'll decide what happens next. If they admit to wrong doings, things may not go so well, or maybe life will change for the better.

I don't know.

This seems to be the perfect time to bring my unpublished book into the post: I have a character in my book. He's not always a good guy. He's sometimes mean, he's snide, he hurts people and for the most part, he blames others for the things he does.

This is off topic, but I don't like people like this, I should hate him. I don't hate him though. I feel sad for him. I hope he'll change. (So does my main character).

Will Karma come his way? Only if he lets it. Will he get what's coming to him? It depends what we think he deserves. I guess as the writer, I can make Karma get him. That will be a whole new book though. 

As I pointed out at the start, I'm crap at philosophy. I don't always think Karma is there when it should be. People need to learn lessons, but it doesn't always happen.

Maybe I should have continued the course so I could have all the answers (or so I could question ABSOLUTELY everything). I just couldn't do it. Good question though. It got me talking about my book, and considering it the way my characters would.   

Okay. That's it for that one. No real answer, but a whole lot of words.

I stink at philosophy... The big questions? I don't need the answers. I just want to live and learn.


Just a reminder, these prompts are all coming from: 

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Monday 24 March 2014

March 24th "looking forward"

March 24: Find Prompts for April

I sometimes have a hard time finding Writing Prompts for my blog. If you google it, for the most part, teacher's prompts come up for students. I don't mind those. They're fun, but I wanted to do something that has to do with writing.

I found this:

It actually has prompts for blogs. A lot of them. I won't be using any of the self publishing ones because I'm not yet going that route.

Here is what I've decided: I'm going to try to blog everyday. If it isn't a blog specifically about my writing, I will choose a prompt (in the order below). These prompts will probably continue on through to May. This way, I don't have to worry about doing two entries (one for my daily prompt and one with personal writing updates.) If this doesn't work, I'll go back to daily prompts. Sometimes I need the structure to keep things up.

Before I add the prompts, just a quick and wonderful update: over 100 pages of editing was done this weekend. I've even brought my laptop to work to try out editing during my lunch hour. We'll see how that goes. It might be too many people wandering around for me to be able to concentrate.

Okay, some prompts: (I am literally copy and pasting here, so I've added quotation marks. Also, I've changed the spelling to Canadian. My blogger spell check gets mad at me if I don't.  

"Fun/Introspective Blog Prompts

  1. What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?
  2. Try a picture prompt for inspiration. Here's my post with this prompt
  3. What’s the best vacation you ever had?
  4. If someone gave you a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Plane Ticket Post RIGHT HERE
  5. What’s your favourite rainy day movie? Here's the Rainy Day Movie Post. Click me!
  6. Write a “day in the life” post. Did this one in March. Take a look here.
  7. If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose? Post Here
  8. Which of the four seasons best suits your personality? Find the Exciting answer here!
  9. Search for a random quote. Respond to it on your blog. Quote response here
  10. Describe (in words or photos) your favourite reading space. Reading Space Post Here
  11. Which five characters from novels would you have dinner with? The Winners: Here
  12. If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen? Little history post for you.
  13. Who is your favourite literary character of all-time? Easiest Decision Ever. Right Here.
  14. Create a photo post.
  15. Write a post with a “cliffhanger” that you’ll resolve in a later post. Cliffhanger post (and why I hate them): right here
  16. Who is your favourite villain? Here is where I find out, I don't know the answer.
  17. Share a photo from your life for each day in a typical week. Day 1 Here Day 2 Here Day3 Here Day 4 and some Other stuff Here Day 5 And More Here Day 6&7 Here
  18. Feature a guest post by a friend or family member. Featuring My Mom! Here
  19. Share your 9 favourite books of all time. Loved This One! See it Here.
  20. Your book is a movie! Who’s in your dream cast? Here's the Link
  21. 5 Items you would buy with a million dollars. Here's the link. Click me!
  22. 4 Things you love about your favourite book. Here it is
  23. 3 Books you’d bring with you to a deserted island. Short and Sweet
  24. 2 Food items you cannot possibly live without.
  25. 1 person who makes your life better. This is both 24 and 25 (click here)

Reading and Writing Blog Prompts

  1. How do you develop your writing ideas? Right here!
  2. What makes you unique as a writer? Unique Post. Right here.
  3. A genie grants you three writing-related wishes: what are they and why? Right here.
  4. Talk about three other writers who inspire you. Here
  5. Describe (in words or photos) your writing space. What do you like? What would you change?
  6. Describe your ideal writing space. 5 & 6 are here!
  7. Where do you find inspiration for your characters? Here
  8. Do you agree with the adage “Write what you know”? I Know Not What I Wrote HERE
  9. What (or who) inspires you to write the most? Here
  10. How has your writing career changed in the past year? Here
  11. What are your writing goals for the next year? My goals here
  12. Share some resources that help you when you’re writing. 12&13 Here
  13. Name the five biggest distractions from your writing. 12 and 13 Here
  14. Write a post of flash fiction. Or lack of... Here
  15. Post a previously unreleased chapter from one of your books. No Go, But here it is
  16. What are your 5 favourite words? Fave Words
  17. Share a profile of one of your readers. Who are they? How did they find your work?
  18. Give an example of a paragraph of your work before and after editing.
  19. Interview a fellow author.
  20. Choose a character of yours to represent each of the four seasons.
  21. Add on to or update an old post with new info.
  22. Which author’s career are you most jealous of? Why?
  23. From where have your recently drawn writing inspiration?
  24. What book are you reading? How did you choose it?
  25. Profile one of your characters.
  26. Describe yourself, your favourite character and your book, each in 5 words or less. Here
  27. Create a list of favourite posts from your blog (old posts tend to drown in the abyss).
  28. Have a weekend writing retreat and detail the experience.
  29. What character would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
  30. Create a dinner menu, drawing inspiration from your work.
  31. Do a “running diary” of a writing process (outlining, designing, marketing, etc).

Creative Writing Prompts

  1. “Her coffee cup slipped right out of her hand and smashed into a thousand pieces on the kitchen floor…” Finally Did One!!!
  2. “A knock on the door in the middle of the night never means good news…”
  3. Rewrite a book scene from a different character’s perspective.
  4. “They sat shoulder to shoulder on the beach, willing the sunset to last just one second longer…”
  5. “She dragged the box out of the attic, put the record on and felt everything from crashing forward from her memory…”
  6. “He was sprinting at full speed, briefcase banging against his thigh as he ran, but the bus pulled away, leaving him alone in the rain…”
  7. “She never let herself believe in anything so foolish, but this time, something about it—she just couldn’t quite shake the thought that it just might be real….”
  8. Write a post from a character’s perspective.
  9. “He saw her just as she stepped from the train platform into the car and without a second thought, he abandoned his plans and followed her steps…”
  10. “They sat across the table from each other, waiting for the world to come crashing down on both of them…”
  11. Rewrite a movie scene from a novel perspective.
  12. “She wasn’t sure what might have happened that night if the sprinklers hadn’t come on at the last second—but a part of her wanted to know how it might have turned out…”
  13. “His friends told him he was crazy, as did his family and even his girlfriend, but that was only because they didn’t know the whole story…”
  14. Rewrite a scene from your book as a different genre.

Marketing/Social Media/Reviews/Blogs/Design Prompts

  1. What’s your favourite social media outlet for marketing/promotions?
  2. Share 5 ways you use Twitter to promote yourself.
  3. Check out the keywords visitors are using to find your site — you might find a post idea!
  4. If you had 5 minutes with Mark Zuckerburg what would you tell him to improve on Facebook?
  5. On a scale of 1 to Crazy, how addicted are you to Pinterest?
  6. Share 3 blogs you love to read.
  7. Post a picture of a book cover you liked and talk about what you love about it.
  8. Share 10 people on Twitter you’d recommend following and why.
  9. What do you hate the most about doing your own marketing?
  10. Link to a blog or news article you recently read and share your take on the topic.
  11. Give your blog a mission statement.
  12. Post a book sales report for the past month.
  13. Share 3 marketing ideas that worked for you and 2 that didn’t.
  14. Offer companion book club materials for free download.
  15. Give ideas for a book party centred around your book! Share activities, recipes, discussion questions, etc.
  16. Release a special eBook edition of your book or offer a special limited-time discount.
  17. Respond to another blogger’s post, offering additional info or a counterpoint.
  18. Respond to criticisms you’ve received of your genre or your work, in particular.
  19. Create a soundtrack for your book. Be sure to share links to purchase the songs!
  20. Gather links to favourite posts you’ve read this past week.
  21. Write a “What’s New” post to share upcoming projects. What are you working on?
  22. Interview a reader. What did they like about your book? Would they share it with others?
  23. Encourage reader participation by hosting a read-along of your work. Each week, post a new assignment and discussion questions.
  24. Feature your favourite reviews of your work. "
Once again:

I found this:

This will keep me busy. Also, I'm kind of excited about the actual 'creative writing prompts'. I haven't done a lot of Creative writing on my blog. I've been kind of scared about sharing. I'll try. I may change my mind though.

More tomorrow.

update: I FOUND SOME MORE WRITING PROMPTS ON PINTEREST. THE LINK LEADS TO A PROTECTED BLOG, SO I CAN'T SAY EXACTLY WHERE IT'S FROM. THESE ARE SOME MORE WRITING PROMPTS THAT I MAY DO AT SOME POINT AS WELL. I didn't use them all, as I've done some before. (Example, I took out the question about heart break because I just DO NOT want to answer it again.)

  1. Basic things about yourself Lots of basics here
  2. Something  you look forward to in the next 12 months Lots, all here
  3. Your day in detail (I've already done this with the other prompts, but I'm sure my daily routine will change by the time I do it again.)
  4. 25 things to do before your next birthday. Plans before September 11
  5. 3 things you like about your personality Miss Personality here
  6. Someone who does not live in your country
  7. Siblings
  8. 5 things from your bucket list
  9. Your favourite thing to do right now.
  10. The weather
  11. Something unusual
  12. Someone you miss
  13. Someone you've always wanted to meet
  14. Relationship to food
  15. Something that excites you and fills you with joy
  16. Something that you regret not doing in the last year.
  17. What's in your bag?
  18. 5 things you're passionate about.
  19. Goals for next month
  20. What made your day special?
  21. Something you could never get tired of doing.
  22. How you envision your life to be.
  23. What do you want?
  24. Family
  25. Daily Routine

Update: More Creative Prompts: From:

1.He cut the car’s engine with a bloody, trembling hand and stopped his breath to listen for pursuers, but his pounding heart left him deaf to anything else that could be lurking in the night.
2.She smelled roses as soon as she walked into the candle lit room and saw him lying on the bed naked except for a single rose he wore on his genitals.
3.“Not all men are dogs,” he grinned, “but in my case, woof.”
4. They were too late.
5.She held the aluminum bat like a torch with her head held high as she made her way toward the office parking lot. She could feel her coworkers’ eyes staring down at her from their 9-to-5 prison cells. She smiled to more than just herself, but to the realization that she was no longer like them. She had broken free and now she was going to break something else. She just hoped it was the only thing that made her ex-boss happy and that it was parked in its usual spot.

UPDATE AGAIN (August 13)
These came from:
"1. What is your earliest memory?
2. If you had to eat the same meal over and over again for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?
3. What is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet that you still wear?
4. What material object do you cherish the most?
5. Tell about a lesson you learned in middle school.
6. Describe the most vivid dream you can remember.
7. Create a character ten years older than you of the opposite sex and write about their day in first person.
8. Describe an object in the room without mentioning it by name.
9. Make up a recipe.
10. Pick a controversial issue you are passionate about – and then argue the opposite stance (ooooh…I dare you).
11. Write a letter to your sixteen-year-old self.
12. Write a letter to your ten-years-older-than-you-currently-are self.
13. Start with the day of the week it currently is…and then let your stream of consciousness take it from there.
14. What is your favorite book, and why does it speak to you?
15. If you could have any skill in the world (that you currently don’t have), what would it be?
16. What was your favorite thing to imagine when you were a child?
17. Write a letter to the President.  Without mentioning politics.
18. Describe your perfect day.
19. Write a letter apologizing to someone you owe an apology to (if you don’t owe anyone an apology – make it up).
20. Why do you like to write?
21. What inspires you?
22. When do you feel your happiest and most complete?  How does it feel when you are experiencing this?
23. Describe your favorite sound.
24. What kind of work do you like best?
25. Write about the first thing that happened yesterday morning."

"1. Give a tour of the home you grew up in.
2. Tell about a time you were wrong.
3. Pick an object next to you, and write down what it is  - let your stream of consciousness tell the rest of the story (if I were to use this prompt right now, my story would start with, “The blue pen…”)
4. Pick your favorite name and write a character sketch for a person with that name.
5. Write a letter to your unborn child. It’s okay if you don’t have children, don’t want children, or are done having children – that might make it more interesting.
6. Write a letter to a grandparent and tell them about your day.
7. Describe your car using your senses – how does it smell, how does the steering wheel feel, how does the radio sound?
8. Tell the story of how you met your best friend.
9. If you had to be an animal for a day, what would it be? Tell about your day.
10. Write the first chapter to a novel you have no intention of ever finishing.
11. Write the last chapter to a novel you have no intention of ever starting.
12. Pretend you’re underwater, and write about how it feels.
13. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
14. Tell someone from the early 1900′s about the Internet. Or TV. Or better yet, YOUR CELL PHONE.
15. Who makes you feel the happiest? Tell that person “thank you” in a letter.
16. What do you want to accomplish before you die?
17. Why do you love your favorite movie?
18. How does music sound to you?
19. Write about something you’re afraid of – explain why you’re afraid.
20. Explain how to do something in five steps (it can be anything – how to do laundry, how to file your taxes, how to write a book – the more random and difficult to explain, the better).
21. Tell a story using a TV commercial to inspire your setting and characters (example: a pretty lady getting out of a car, an overly-perky mom vacuuming her spotless floor).
22. Describe what it’s like to eat your favorite food – the texture, the taste, the feelings associated with it.
23. Write about your day…only, change your race and/or gender.
24. If you were a color, what color would you be?
25. Write about a pet that used to be in your life."

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Sunday 23 March 2014

March 23rd 'Questions about me'

March 23: Do a questionnaire.

Here's a little fact you might already know about me. I like to talk about myself. I love doing quizzes like this. Sometimes I discover things, and sometimes it's a way to get something out.

I got this from I'm sure if I do anymore, I'll use this. It's got lots of fun surveys. 
1. Are you a very open or private person?

I think that anybody who has a blog is an open person. I didn't really share the fact that I had my other blog. I preferred strangers reading what I had to say to people I know. Now, I just share everything. There is something about sharing things online instead of out loud. It's easier when you don't know for sure if anybody is reading. Kind of like a journal (except I keep that as well, and it's the stuff I won't share at all -insecurities and stuff).

I am open, but it takes a while. I'm a lot better than I used to be. I guess I just don't like keeping things private. If something embarrassing happens, I'd rather share it. That's probably why I embrace Facebook so well. It helps me not be shy. 
2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My favourite Christmas movie is one my Grandma McCrea had on tape. I used to watch it at her house in Moose Jaw. It was called One Magic Christmas. I loved it.

I also love Miracle on 34th Street. Both of them, but I like the newer one better. Although, while watching it with my sister this year she ruined the romance of it for me. I still love it.

I pretty much love almost all Christmas movies. Netflix has SO many. It was a great year for Christmas movies -old and new.
3. When did you stop believing in Santa?

As I read through these questions, I realise that it was probably made around Christmas time. Oh well, I'll continue because I like them.

I believed for much longer than I needed to. I believed until I was about 12. I'm not actually sure if I really believed that long, or I if I just wanted to believe. I stopped believing officially when my sister told me Santa was getting me a Walkman for Christmas. (beforehand). I wasn't mad. It was something I already knew, I just needed it to be confirmed, and getting the Walkman confirmed it. Santa does still deliver presents to my family and I.
4. What do you get complimented on the most?

I'm not really sure? Is it sad that I don't know? I mean, I would say my writing, but that isn't true. At all. Most people haven't read my writing.

I mean, people compliment my hair after it's been done (at the hair dresser). It doesn't get many compliments otherwise, I don't really do it.

People compliment certain nice clothing items I have. Although, sometimes I search for compliments. Ha.

My eyes: people like my eyes. Although, I've never seen an ugly set of eyes. Here's a scary instagrammed picture of my blue eyes.

5. How are you feeling right now?

Good. Relaxed. In love. Excited. Stressed (only because there is always a bit of unneeded stress in my life.) 
6. If money was no object, where would you move to?

Here is the truth about that: I would not move anywhere. I'd pack a bag and travel. I wouldn't choose one place to move to. I'd go everywhere. I wouldn't have a place to live, I'd have the world. I would write as I travel. It would be my perfect life. I think C and I could make a wonderful life just travelling around. We could come home and visit anytime we wanted. If I don't have kids, and have the money to write on the go, I would do it. 
7. Who was the last person to make you cry?

Claudia off of Party of Five. I watched the last episode of the series. Oh, and I cry. All the time.
8. Did you make any resolutions for this year? What were they?

Yeah. I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere in this blog. Blog more, write more, save more, read more.
9. Is there a song which can bring you to tears instantly?

Yeah. Lots. This one though: 

MacKenzie Porter - I Wish I'd Known


10. Who was the last person you talked about sex with?

C? I mean, it would probably be pretty weird if we didn't talk about sex. I also talk to friends. James and Theresa mostly. I don't know. I think no subject is taboo, but if I don't really share a lot of details. That's for C and I to discuss if needed. 
11. How did you bring in the New Year?

With C. We didn't do anything exciting. Maybe next year. I've always believed that ringing in the New Year with great people is going to be a great sign of the New Year. C wasn't around last year, so this was our first official new year together. We didn't dress up, just drank some wine/champagne, did a puzzle, and hung out.

12. Have you ever online dated?

Yes. More than once. I have nothing bad to say about it. It brought me My Lobster. (I just watched that Friends' episode.) I don't hide the fact that I've done it. It's a lot easier to say we met online than to make up a story.
13. Post a screen shot of your Twitter “Interactions” page.

14. Click on the messages tab on Facebook, post a screen shot (erase surnames for safety).

No. FB is not public for me. Twitter I can share, FB I won't.
15. Post a screenshot of your tumblr activity page.

I don't have a tumblr page.
16. Do you believe in soul mates?

I believe ... I have no idea. I think they're great in theory. I think C is the love of my life right now. I'd love it if he were my soul mate. If I go with the Sex and the City soul mate definition, they're my best friends. I like that theory as well.
17. Do you play video games?

Not really. I play silly games on my phone. I just deleted a few because as sad as it is, they do kind of take over sometimes. Candy Crush (gone), Tower Madness (gone), Words with Friends (still there). I think that's it. I also love Tetris.
18. What age do people usually mistake you for?

Younger. I'm 33 and still get ID'd.  That would make me 25 and under looking. I'm okay with that.
19. What or whom do you miss right now?

All the people I'm not next to right now.
20. What perfume do you wear?

I don't have one smell. I also don't always wear perfume. (always deodorant though, haha). I seem to really like Victoria Secret. Or the others that I wear are both from a Passion Party. That's right, I wear perfumes/body spray from Sex Stores. I love them.

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