Saturday 12 May 2018

Toddler Truths and Mom Truths

And this week:

May 7
Momma's first Freakout/Meltdown
I don't have the photo of my actual meltdown, but it happened the moment I sat down in the car after a wonderful walk at the dog park. I felt something on my neck, reached back, and grabbed a tick crawling on my neck. I've been lucky enough to not deal with ticks for 37 years. Meltdown began. Full fledged freak out. Since getting home, I've checked myself, my kid, and my dog about 55 times. I'll check once more before I go to bed. I've been so good at going to the dog park, and now I'm going to have to convince myself it's a good idea again. We ALL need flea colours. 

Toddler's First Meltdown:
Truthfully, he was exhausted and needed a nap. In my head, he was upset about the tick.

May 8

This is not a photo of the exact meltdown, and it wasn't a TERRIBLE meltdown. Kiddo came running to me and jumped into my arms because his little friend stole his balloon (the balloon is actually hers because we were at their house.) Just a little more information though: Anthony is always taking toys from her, and he constantly tries to push her around, and sometimes hits. He's not always nice to her. Today though, he didn't push her around, and she stood her ground. She took toys from him when she wanted to, and she wouldn't give up the toys he wanted. It is nice to see her stand up for herself. Anthony needs practice sharing, and needs practice with somebody who won't let him be a bully. They also hugged before we left, and it was the cutest thing ever. He forgave her for the balloon thing, and she forgave him for his bad moments in the past. (Although probably not completely.)

May 9
He wanted something. And I don't know what. We couldn't go inside. We couldn't go to the front yard. He wanted me to do something with him, but he's the only one who knows what, and he was not happy that I didn't do the right thing.

Momma's Meltdown
I had a grumpy toddler, and a dog who wouldn't give me any space. So we took a car ride to the grocery store. I love my doggo and kiddo, but sometimes it's nice not to be touched for two minutes. Also, this photo was taken in my driveway. Before the car was moving. I don't take photos while driving. 

May 10
Stir crazy because it was raining.

May 11
Toddler Meltdown
I put him in the car.

Major Mommy Truth
Okay, so here's the thing, I love being a stay at home mom. I don't regret my decision at all. However, I went to visit the radio station I used to work at today, and I felt uncomfortable a little bit. I hadn't been there for a year. I'm not sure why it took me so long to visit. I love my coworkers. Today, I walked around and caught up with everybody, and I found myself constantly telling people how happy I was with my decision to stay home. And I am, but when asked what I keep myself busy with, I don't really have an answer. Just the obvious, I guess. I guess I wish I had a little more to tell people. I have my writing, but that's not new. I've always had my writing. I don't know. I just left feeling a little down. I don't want to be at that job, but I do miss making my own money. I have my writing, and it's mine, but it's not quite the career I want it to be. It's not a career yet. Maybe I'll get there someday. It was nice seeing everybody though. I miss my coworkers. 

May 12
He was mad because I wouldn't let him hit me. (This was all before 7am)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I may just do a post about being a Mom. No meltdowns allowed. We will see though. 

Happy Saturday! 

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