Thursday, 30 October 2014

Blogging and book reading

Thursday, October 30th

I was watching Life as We Know It on Netflix last night. The main guy character was insulting the main gal. (I'm sorry, I can't remember names). It was meant to be a funny scene. And it was funny. However, his insults perfectly described me. Haha. This is the Trailer:

In that first scene in the car, he asks her if she wants to go back inside instead of the date and read books because she looks like she likes books. And he asks her if she blogs. Basically, he described a lot of my nights. I'm a book loving, blog loving nerd. Luckily, Clint has his own geeky tendencies, so we're a good match.

In fact, I just wrote a blog post about the book I finished last night. Gone Girl

I wasn't really insulted when I heard that. It was just a 'hey, my hobbies are what the 'cool kids' make fun of.' I also didn't see her blog or read a book at all in the movie. 

I used to be a 'closet nerd'. I tried so hard to be normal (because I didn't need to give anybody reasons to pick on me). That was mostly in high school, but it still took me a long time to find my true self and to admit that I love reading and I love writing. Even if it is just a silly blog, it is still a passion. I let my nerd out for all to see. 

I also know (not all of them personally) other bloggers who say important things all the time. Brave stories about their life and things they are experiencing. They talk about things that matter. Things that MEAN something. Things that make a difference in one person's life. So to be put into a category with those people - I'm okay with that. 

In no way am I trying to put myself into the same league as these people. I don't think my blogs have helped people in their lives, but I'm trying. It's an outlet for me to say what I need, and a way for me to practice writing.

I love it.

I also love reading, and I'm so happy that my significant other (we all know his name, I just like to change it up) loves it as well. I'd still read no matter what (as I did in other relationships when my exes had no books or interest in reading), but I read more now. I also have been more adventurous with my reading. With all the new books on the shelves, I've got a lot more to choose from.

 By the way, I know I've referred to myself as a nerd a few times in this post. I don't like labels. Never have. However, it was the easiest way to describe it. And, if somebody describes or labels me as a nerd, I'm pretty much going to consider it a compliment. 

 That's it for this post. It was like a story within a story. Blogging about Blogging. (Not really, but whatever).

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Title For Wednesday: #nanowrimo

Wednesday, October 29

I've not done very good at writing blog posts lately. (Or titling them). 

I just saw a Tweet that referred to November as Writember. I like it. Clint can have Movember, and I can have Writember.

I want to start the Blog Post prompts again, but thought I'd do a quick update first. I've been slowly prepping for NaNoWriMo. I don't usually do character outlines, or book outlines, but in this case, I think it might make 30 days of constant writing (while also working), a lot easier.

I haven't done any of that yet though. What I have done is clean off my desk so my laptop will fit.

 I've also planned out what I will need to do to get 50,000 words.

  • One page is AROUND 320 words. (That's rounding down so I'll do more.)
  • To get 50,000 words in 30 days, I will need 1,667 words a day. (Sounds Daunting) 
  • This will be an average of 6 pages per day for 30 days.
6 pages doesn't sound like much does it? BUT, if I get behind or miss a day, that means I'll be bumping up one day to 12 pages. That sounds like a lot, and definitely puts the 6 pages into perspective. 

I really want to do this. I'll be buying wine today so I have something to bribe myself with. It works, believe me. That's how I wrote my last novel. (The last novel took a year, and this one's first draft will take a month, so I'll have to actually follow through on my bribes.) It's to bad our 30 bottles of wine (pictured) isn't ready yet because that would be very convenient. 

I like having goals, and I know I can write a second book, but I've never really been good at time frames. I don't like deadlines. I have enough of them at work. 

IF this works, I can write one book a year. First draft done in the month of Writember, and all the other drafts in the next year. Done. 

I just have to do the test run to see if I can do it. No sense in making the plan if I am unable to do it. I do know I can finish another novel, I just mean the NaNoWriMo method might not be for me. We will see.

I think I'll have to really put all my effort into it. That will be hard. I'll have to plan for days I know I won't be able to work on it, and work ahead throughout the week. Or on the weekend. I also may become a bit of a hermit on my weekends because those are the best writing days. Coffee and writing in the morning. Wine and writing in the afternoon/evening, ending with tea and writing at night.

By the way, I said in my last post that this week was the one to be as social as possible, but that hasn't really worked out. Everybody seems to be super busy this week (or sick), so I still have lots of catching up to do with friends.  I have NO idea how I'm going to do that, write a novel, and not get sick myself.

One other thing, I think I should warn everybody in advance because I'm sure that my main posts through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AND this Blog will be NaNoWriMo. I know this because it's already happening. 

In fact, I'm going to be completely selfish about it, and if it does take time away from life, I will have to forgive myself for it because THIS IS IMPORTANT. I'm not good at sitting down and writing. I should be because it's my dream, but I'm not. This month, I will be sitting down and following my dream. (For the second time, and not including being published because that would be cool too, and the ultimate dream.)

Okay, so until next time. I don't know when that will be. Probably when I'm procrastinating from writing in November. Don't forget... call me out on it!! (Unless it's during a week day, that's not my writing time, that's my work writing time.) (Which isn't blogging time, but, whatever works.) 

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

To do: Write a Novel

October 25, 2014

It's time to do something. I can either sit here, blog, and talk about how much I want to write a new novel, or I can continue to blog while writing a new novel.

For some reason, I thought that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was in October. I didn't do it last year because I was away, and I thought I had missed it again.

I saw a post from NaNoWriMo on Facebook, and when I followed the link, I realised it is held in November. Frankly, I think this seems like a more reachable goal than the 3-Day Novel Writing challenge I was looking into. I'd still like to do that some time, but I want to start with this.

I want to write, and if challenging myself to do it in a month helps, I'll do it. I think at times, I'm to easy on myself. I let myself not write with no consequences. Not that I'll punish myself, but I'm sure I can figure out a way to bribe myself. (haha).

The point of this competition is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I don't know if I can do it. 50,000 words won't be the entire novel, but it will be over half of it. That's more than I've done in the past ten months. (It was really hard to admit that). I have edited, but I haven't even done that since April. Basically, I need to write, and this is the perfect opportunity. 

I will still be blogging, but I will be focusing on my novel first. I don't know how I'll do it, but I will have to be more consistent that last time. More writing, less 'real' life. I may become a hermit. (More than I already am). At least I'll have Clint here, while I write, nagging me if I am not writing. He's a good support for that. If I am blogging frequently, please know, that means I'm procrastinating. Call me on it.

I have until next Saturday. A week to be as social as I can, and to blog as much as I can, and also to do some sort of outline for my novel (which, I never do). I think it'll help a lot this time though, given the time restraints. 

Wish me luck! I'm pretty excited about doing this, and I really don't like to quit, so I know I'll be working hard to reach 50,000 words when I'm not at work or eating or sleeping.

What am I getting myself into? Haha.

And as always:
Most of my ideas are coming from It's leads to another blog where I found the ideas. My April onward details start with that post.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Real life and love notes

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's back to real life. I'm not going to do a vacation  post. I've done some gratitude picture posts in my other blog. Four of them, to be exact. The links are below. I also had a mid way through the trip update on this one. I'm not posting the link. It's seriously the post after this one. 

Sunsets in Ontario (and SK) 
Ontario Waterfalls
Pretty Pretty Fall Ontario trees
The animals I met in Ontario

I arrived back in Saskatoon Saturday night, and haven't quite got to this blog yet. I've been slowly working on the Love Notes post. It's time to finish it. I have been working on the gratitude blog, as both have been neglected in my time away.

I'm back at work, and really think I'm good at not working. Two weeks off have spoiled me. It is nice to be back and see everybody though.

Now: the post. This is an especially important post to write today. Tragedy seems to be all over the place, and all I want to do is go home and hug Clint.


Clint was going through some boxes while we were at his parent's house in Ontario, and he came across some 'Ex' stuff. Pictures, cards, and inside a picture frame - behind a picture - a love letter/poem.

I need to clarify, that he wasn't showing these to me to be mean, or in jest of his ex-girlfriend. He just came across them, and I took a look before we got rid of them. I have always been interested in the details of past loves (and lovers). He's not the kind of guy to make fun of a past relationship. What they had wasn't perfect, and didn't end with them being together, but they were in love for a while.

Not everybody is lucky enough to find their love right away. I wasn't. Clint wasn't. Some are, and I'm sometimes jealous of that. Life would be different if I had found Clint first, but it's a pretty unrealistic expectation for me. I also had the chance to date other men, and I learned how to be single for a time. Possibly, I'm the lucky one.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I saw the letter. I might have wanted to make fun of it, but while reading it, the situation was a little surreal. My comment was: "It's so sad you two didn't make it!" I was joking, of course, but the letter was nice, and full of love.

She shared a lot of the same feelings that I have for him. Selfishly, I want to believe only I feel this love for him.  However, I think I've probably written the same love letters to past men in my life.

Sometimes I get a bit jealous, that he's had love before me, and sad that I've had love before him. It's just the way it works though. I need to remind myself that last love is MUCH better than first love.

None of those loves were OUR love. I know he's the person I'm going to end up with. I'm already with him. It's a different sort of love, and as soon as I leave the past loves we've both had in the past, I can focus on our present and future.

I've given Clint cards, and photos, but I actually haven't written him any sort of Love Letter. 

BUT WAIT! This whole freaking blog is a bit of a love letter to him, especially in the February posts. He's read some of the posts, but probably not all of them. (I have no expectations for blog readers -including him, and frankly would rather tell him to his face how much I love him.) 

When I used to write love letters, or praise my last relationships through writing, it was usually things I couldn't say out loud. Things I was afraid to say. I'm guessing the love note from his ex was similar. I talk to Clint now. I tell him how much I appreciate him, and how grateful I am that we found each other. I also tell the people that are reading this blog.

And I text him love notes all the time. He love-texts me, as well. I'm not sure if texts count as being romantic. 

What's my point? I'm not really sure. It just was strange to read a note another woman had written to him, and to realise that they had a life together. If I do write him a love letter (I am sure I will), it will basically mean we can NEVER break up because I don't want a future girlfriend reading what I wrote. (That is a joke. We are together. No break ups). 

I wonder if any of my ex's girlfriends (or wives) have read notes I've written in the past. Cripes. I hope not. I really hope any love notes I've written are burned up with any other cards or pictures they had. I never really understood 'ex' boxes, and this is coming from somebody who keeps everything. I do keep photos in albums though. 

This is slightly off topic, but I may have a poem in one of my boxes a boy wrote for me about my flowing hair. That's the only detail I remember, and it is funny because I had short hair. Which probably means he gave the poem to more than one girl. Still - when else will somebody give me a poem? 

I guess my love note post is to say I'm happy I'm always in love with Clint, and I'm happy he had somebody in his past that loved him as well. (Not as much as I do -HAHA).  I feel the most gratitude because of my love for him. We found each other, and life got better. That's the most important detail for my love note. We say things like that to one another all the time, but maybe it's time I write him something to go along with the pre-written cards from Hallmark. It won't be shared on the blog though. 

Tell somebody you love them today. Feels pretty good. I never hang up the phone when speaking to family and some friends without saying I love you. I never know what will happen tomorrow, so it's nice to say what I'm feeling right away. 

And as always:

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Vacation Update

October 9, 2014

It feels like so long since I've updated. This is the first time I've connected to the Internet. I've been uploading some pictures to Facebook, and taking advantage of catching up on my 'Internet' life. Although, I haven't missed it that much.

We've done a lot of driving these past few days. A LOT. We've not stayed anywhere for more than a night. We drove from Saskatchewan, to Manitoba, straight through to Thunder Bay Ontario in one day. We slowed it down the next day, and did some site seeing along Lake Superior,

Lake Superior is breath taking. It's gorgeous. It's over whelming at times because of the beauty. I didn't know where to look as we were driving because every direction I turned was full of colour and wonder. I feel like I'm using a lot of cliches. but it's true. 

I love Saskatchewan, and I'm proud of where I come from, but I fell in love with Ontario. My friends aren't going to like to read this, but I would move here. Not anytime soon, but I wouldn't say no if the opportunity live here. Unfortunately, I don't think living near Lake Superior will ever happen.

Here's a little bit of our journey.

Trees and beauty. Fall colours.


 Kakabeka Falls

Kakabeka Falls

Suspension bridges at Eagle Canyon

 Rainbow Falls

Aguasabon River Gorge.

Lake Superior

White River -Where Pooh originated

Sunrise in Wawa

The colours!!

Chippewa Falls

This is the first few days. I'll update with more later. 

And as always:

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Friday, 3 October 2014

My Life's Purpose?

Sept 26

And now: October 3rd, 2014

It's taken a while for me to write this. I have had it in my drafts since the 26th. I'll finish it today.

This might be my last post for a couple of weeks. If I have a chance, I will do some blogging, but I'm going to be in Ontario for two weeks, and this isn't my priority. Having the best time ever is my priority. 

I've been kind of negligent with "Erin's Writing Life" lately. I'll get back to it when I return. 

Oh, and I'm at work right now, writing this during my lunch hour, and unable to keep still or hold my excitement in because at 4:30 I'll be done work for TWO WEEKS!

As for the actual post... here you go:

Somebody shared this article on Facebook on September 26th:

7 Strange Questions That Help you Find Your Life Purpose

I'm not answering all these questions. But you should give it a read. I've picked my four favourites. The questions themselves are directly quoted from the blog post, but the answers are my own. This isn't really to find my life's purpose, but because I'm curious. Hey, if I find my purpose, all the better!

"What is true about you today that would make your 8-year-old self cry?"

Good one, right?

Obviously, if you asked me this three years ago, it would have been the fact that I didn't write anymore. I do now.

As I said before, I wrote letters to myself starting at around eight to open when I turned twenty. I may have to look for it and update this a little bit later.

Here are some things my 8-year-old self imagined: I'd be a famous actress. I'd be married to the most popular boy in school (haha). I'd have a lot of friends, and I'd be happy and laughing all the time. She'd also assume I am still writing letters to myself.

Would she cry because I'm not a famous actress? I think she'd be disappointed I wasn't still acting - if only just for fun. I was so shy and awkward as a kid and teenager, acting in school plays was the one thing I could do in front of others and love it! She'd be pretty sad I wasn't still hamming it up.

Married to the most popular boy? Well, before you start picturing a popular boy from Plenty, I need to first explain that this was a whole fantasy in my head, that started with moving out of Plenty. In other words, I knew at eight that my dream boy wasn't in Plenty. Not that I didn't have crushes on eight year old boys, I just don't know that I ever imagined marriage with them. Maybe she would be sad I wasn't married. I'm not though. I'm with the love of my life, she'd be pretty happy about that. (She'd also think he is a hunk).

I have great friends. I'm not sure that eight year old me realised that popularity wasn't the most important thing in the world. I spent too much time trying to fit in when I was little. Once I stopped, I found the best friends I'll ever have. I think she'd be happy with the amount of love and support I have in my life. 

Here is what I think would make her cry (and believe me, I don't think it's much). I think she'd be sad I get stressed out and upset about things so easily. I think she'd want me to focus on the fabulous things. I do, but not enough. Other than that, I think she'd look at my life, and be happy with most of it. She'd be happier if I was still writing letters to myself (now to the 40 year old me). I'm working on that. For her! The little optimist! 

"How can you better embarrass yourself?"

I'm sure life gives me plenty of opportunities to embarrass myself, and I probably don't take advantage like I should.

The only way I get over an embarrassing moment is to relive it over and over. In other words, tell absolutely everybody about the embarrassing this I just did. It really makes life more fun. 

That being said, unless I've had a couple of drinks (a couple is all it takes), I am a bit more 'uptight' (for lack of a better word), than usual. I think my life would be more fun if I allowed myself to be embarrassed just a little bit more.

"Gun to your head, if you had to leave the house all day, every day, where would you go and what would you do?"

If I was forced out of my house, and didn't have to go to work, there are a few ways I'd spend my time. 

  • With my camera, taking pictures of EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE

  • In the library - reading and researching as many topics as I can.
  • With Clint, walking and discovering beautiful places.
  • Driving and discovering places I've never been before.
  • Hanging out with friends and family.

"If you knew you were going to die one year from today, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered."

I'd get my book published. I'd use every last cent I had to get it out there, and promote it.

I'd spend every second I had with Clint, my family, and friends

I'd breathe in the fresh air EVERY DAMN DAY, even it the weather was freezing.

I'd laugh. All the time.

I'd love to say I'd travel the world, but I wouldn't do that unless I could take my loved ones with me. 

Have I found my life's purpose? Not yet, but this did help me to see what I have figured out, and what I can work on. I like it.

Once again, the original article was 7 Strange Questions That Help you Find Your Life Purpose It's a good read. I enjoyed his thoughts.

And as always:

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Join me and Walk to Help...Walk for Hope this Alzheimer Awareness Month!

Join me and Walk to Help...Walk for Hope this Alzheimer Awareness Month!

I've never done a 'plug' before on my blog. Other than for me. This is important though, and if you have a moment please donate.

It's a pretty serious reality that people have to face. Someday, I may have to face it. That scares the hell out of me.

My Grandma Burton has Alzheimers. and it was difficult watching her lose a part of herself.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Wednesday October 1st, 2014

It's a new month!

As with tradition, I'll do a little update on life. I just noticed I did not blog a whole lot in September. I'm not really sure why, but hopefully it'll be better this month. ALTHOUGH, probably not if I'm gone for two weeks. I'll try to blog on the road, but no promises. 

So here we go, Happy October! 

Life: Life is good. It's exciting. It keeps me on my toes. I'm in love with the weather, with Autumn, with my friends and family. I'm planning my future, but living in the moment. 

And I think my anxiety might be getting better. I did nothing to solve that though, so we'll see.

Novel: I was feeling less hopeful last month, but this month I'm back to feeling optimistic.  I'm still trying. That being said, I REALLY hope it is a yes! As always, I have to work on a new novel. Possibly after my two weeks away, I can resume my writing. I hope so. I miss it!

Love: In love in love in love and in love. It's my favourite constant in my life. We are about to head to a trip to Ontario to see his family and friends! So excited!!!!!

This Time Last Year: This time last year, I was writing my first novel. I was ACTUALLY writing it. I was excited for a trip to meet C's family at the start of November. I'm thinking life was pretty good, just as it is now. 

So, I am going into October with a lot more optimism than September. Which shocks me because usually, I'm pretty much in love with my birthday month.

I also plan to do better at blogging. I don't feel like I need to blog everyday, but it's good to stay consistent.


And as always:

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