Wednesday 12 February 2014

February 9th 'Life is better'

9.       Life is better with

Because I am feeling a tad romantic on this cold and blustery day, this will be another 'love' post. In an hour, I get to go home -assuming I make it over the bridge to my snow covered car - to my boyfriend. Life is better with him.

I'm going to head into my apartment, take off my layers of winter clothing, find C, and get a kiss from him. Probably a hug as well, to warm me up. We will get supper ready, and talk about our day, and eat delicious food. He'll make me smile more than once. I'll make him smile as well. We'll go to sleep holding hands. (Did I get any eye rolls?) Seriously, though, we most likely will, and my life is better because of that.

I am fortunate lately because he's been home so much. He'll go back to work soon, and I'll see him less. He may be gone for a week or two at a time, and I have to get used to sleeping alone again. This makes the time we have now all the better. I appreciate him and all the love he has for me. I'm constantly reminded of how lucky I am.

Life is better with him.

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