Saturday 8 February 2014

Feb 7th - Crazy About

7. Crazy About...

While I am crazy about C, I'm going to take a break because loving my boyfriend is not the only great thing in my life. I'm crazy about so many things! Here's a little list of what I'm crazy about:

My family: I'm so very lucky to have been born into the family I did. In my opinion, I have the very best parents, and sister, I had the very best grandparents, I'm crazy about my Aunts and Uncles, and my cousins are pretty great as well. They make me laugh all the time. They give me advice and help me when I need it. They're just as crazy as me so that helps with the actual crazy part of this discussion. The fact that my sister and parents (and entire family) read as much as I do, is probably what makes me love writing and reading. They are my inspirations. Below are the pictures of my biggest inspirations. Two of the bravest women I knew.

My Friends; I'm also crazy about my friends. I'm not going to add a picture because I have too many, and I don't know which ones they'd be okay with going on here. Also it would just be too many pictures of so many awesome people. I could go on and on about why I am crazy about my friends. They are beautiful, kind hearted, supportive people. From near and far.

The Trees and the first snowfall: That's right. I'm crazy about beautiful fall trees. Not as crazy about these as my family and friends, but these are wonderful things! These aren't in the right order, but you know what they are.

Writing: I'm crazy about writing. I love the fact that I have something I'm good at, and that is mine. Also something I can share when I'm ready. Like blogging. The novel writing and stories take a little longer to share, but either way, writing has ALWAYS been my love. That's a love that will last forever.

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