Saturday 22 February 2014

February 16 Our Song

16.   Our Song

We don't have a song. We've not been together long enough - or - we just won't have a song. I don't think that having a song will really make a difference to our happiness. 

However, I do have a story about a song that now reminds me of him, and makes me happy to be with him. We were listening to my Ipod, and a John Michael Montgomery song came on. I love 90s country. Scratch that, I love 90s music. It's what I listened to when I was a teenager.

The song was I Can Love You Like That. I made a comment about John Michael Montgomery's songs giving women unrealistic expectations about men. This was not meant as an insult to C. I just love the men in his songs, and I love how much they love. I especially love it in this song. C's comment was, 'Maybe some men try to be like the men in his song.'

Something about his reaction made me smile. I guess it was that he took my comment seriously, and knew what I meant. Maybe, I found myself a man from a 90s country song. I won't be taking that for granted.

I've also put a link to the song. 

So we don't have a song, but I'm sure this song will make me think of how lucky I am every time I hear it. Which, sadly, isn't nearly enough.


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