Wednesday 12 February 2014

February 11th 'Favourite Romantic Movie'

11.   Favourite Romantic Movie

I had to google romantic movies so I could remember which ones I loved.

Here they are:

PS I Love You Even though, I think he didn't end up helping his wife move on from his death, everything that he did for her in the days before her death were because of how much he loved her. It's an incredibly sad movie, and I basically cry through the entire thing, but that doesn't stop me from loving the story. The Irish accent helps too.

The Vow:  I don't know if I have to explain this one. He would do anything for his wife, including leave her be with her family. He was as patient as he possibly could be, and I think he always had faith that they would end up back together. Plus, he's Channing Tatum.

Crazy Stupid Love: Another movie about separation, and people making their way back to each other. I guess there was two different love stories going on, but my favourite was Steve Carell -who never gave up on the love he felt for his wife (just strayed away from it for a bit).

Beauty and the Beast: My favourite love story. Even though the beast had a temper, once he let Belle into his life, she was his soft spot.

Basically, in all these movies, Beauty and the Beast is the only one that I remember names of characters. Mostly because the names are in the title.

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