Tuesday 4 February 2014

February 1st The Love of My Life

It's now the 4th, so I'm behind. Obviously, I don't have an issue with that. Although I really have to get back into writing every night instead of sporadically.  If for no other reason than to get into the lovely habit of writing every day.

So as I said, my February writing prompts are all about love. http://erinisawriter.blogspot.ca/2014/01/february-writing-prompts.html  I don't love the idea, but it's all I could find. I know I could probably make up my own, but believe it or not, I'm just not that creative. Not this month anymore. So cliche it is. The love month. (Although, all months should be love months).

1.       The love of my life
Okay, first of all, everybody that knows me or who is friends with me on Facebook, or who reads my other blog (http://lifeisgoodandhereisproof.blogspot.ca/) knows that I am in a relationship right now. We will have been dating for two years in May. I like posting pictures of us, and I like sharing with my world that I'm happy with him.

For some reason, I feel scared to admit out loud that he is the love of my life. I worry that it will jinx what I have, or worst case that some day, I won't have him anymore, and I'll read back on this and feel silly for proclaiming my love to the world for him.

However, the writing prompt was 'The Love of My Life'. And right now, this very moment, I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend. I can safely say that he is head over heels for me. We love each other, we are happy hanging out together, and we make one another smile and laugh. I hope this doesn't go away because I like it. I like feeling completely secure with how we feel about each other, and I'm so happy I've found him. So if that's what the definition is of 'the love of my life', I'll take admit to it.

So that's it. I'm admitting that he is the love of my life right now. I don't know how many we get in a lifetime. The lucky people get one. I've loved before. This love is different. It feels like more of an equal love. 

I would go more into how great my blue eyed, brown haired nerdy boyfriend is, but there's going to be a whole month of this. Probably not just about C and I though. There's lots of romantic things in this world. Dogs, cats, friends, babies... all that and more.

I'll leave you with a quote I found on Pinterest today. It was actually about marriage, but really I thought it applied to any good relationship.

"I'm not here because I'm supposed to be here, or because I'm trapped here, but because I'd rather be with you than anywhere else in the world." Richard Bach

And... a post about the love of my life wouldn't be good without a picture. This is what we always look like. 

All photos I share on my blogs are my own (although, I didn't take this one. It was taken at a Wedding photo booth), please return the favour and Ask Me For Permission Before Using Them.

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