Friday 27 March 2015

Online friends

March 267, 2015

Day 27 of 31 prompts

List 3 online friends that you've never met in real life, but hope to soon.

Does it make me a bad blogger that I don't have online friends I'm expecting to meet in real life?

Once again, Clint tried to help out by suggesting that he was an online friend that I met up with in real life. (Online dating). I had to remind him that he didn't want to meet me to begin with. (Because he knew he'd fall in love with me).

I've seen online blogging friends, and online friendships.

I've never had one. I have some people that I communicate with online, but I've met them before. Distance is what keeps the online relationship going. There are many people I'd like to see that I talk to online. I already know them though. Friends from different places and different times. 

Anybody others are acquaintances.  I comment on the occasional blog, and I have people comment on mine (like, two people), but I haven't developed any friendships. (Yet). I can always use friends.

Since this blog post is teeny tiny because I'm not an 'online friend maker', (yet) I've decided to add a random fact about myself.

My decision making is the worst when I have fries in front of me. It takes me a very long time to decide which one I want to eat. True story. I'm a picky fry eater. I'll eat them all, but I always pause for about 10 seconds while I decide which one to eat next.

Why am I sharing that? Because tonight, I couldn't decide if I wanted to eat my salmon club, my fries, or my potato salad. Then I had to choose which fry to eat first. It takes forever. So I took a picture because I thought I'd use it as a "weird fact about Erin" post today.

You are welcome.

Happy Friday.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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