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March 25, 2015

Day 25 of 31 prompts

Describe your location.

Some days when I post, I use pictures more than I should. I've gotten quite lazy lately, and instead of describing, I take a picture. I've been relying on it too much.

That obviously doesn't work in novels. It's also something I need to work on in my writing.

So today, I will post three pictures for three locations. I'll do all the rest just by description. I like to keep at least one picture in my posts because it helps to share them.

I'll describe the three places I've been today (work, outside, and home.)

I work in a building with two floors. I work on the top floor. From where I sit, I can see over the railing to the second floor. I am in a cubicle, almost in the middle of the open space. Around me are four other desks, we are separated by half walls. (I'm short though, so they are me size.)

I have a blind on one side of me that I can close. (above). It helps me from freezing because there is a fan that is always going above the stairs. People are able to sneak up on my when I close it. I don't see them coming anymore.

My desk is always a mess. It's got my purse and personal belongings on one side, papers, day planners, and a binder full of contracts around my computer, and scrap paper full of notes I won't understand in a few weeks. Underneath my desk, I have shoes and a recycling bin. I have too many pairs of shoes at work. 

We are the Creative Writers. Around us, there are actual offices. There's a side with windows. The broadcast and production studios are on that side, the other side has offices. Offices with no windows. I prefer my area. On the other side of the stairs, before the kitchen is the News department. They are also out in the open. This usually means if something exciting is happening in the news world, we hear about it.

There is a skylight over the stairs. It's nice when it's not covered with snow.  

My city on the outside:
The city I live in is wet lately. When it isn't snowing, it's melting. My city was gorgeous today. Blue skies and sunshine (below). Which means all the snow we got yesterday is now puddles. It's hard to decide in the morning whether to wear winter boots or shoes for my walk to work. I walk down a busy street to get to work. It's full of businesses and apartment buildings. I turn onto another busy street, but this one is more unique. It has old buildings, coffee shops, and stores. During summer, it is home to the Saskatoon Fringe. I cross the bridge that takes me to downtown. That's where I work. Describing downtown is a whole other post. Today, I only went as far as my work -about a minute from the end of the bridge. (Walking).

Home for now:
Right now, I live off the first busy street in the main floor of a two bedroom house. There's a basement suite as well, rented by somebody else. The house is a disaster right now. Boxes and packing supplies are everywhere. It sometimes makes me a little anxious, but I'm pretty excited to move to our new house. A house for just Clint and I. I can't wait.

The living room is basically right next to the kitchen. Tonight, Clint and I made supper together which worked surprisingly well considering the little space we have. I've also packed most of our dishes, so we have two plates and two bowls to work with. I didn't think that through.

We half empty boxes separating the kitchen from the living room. Including a box the television came in. It's big and annoying.

The office - is no longer an office - and is now a storage space for boxes. (below). Clint has his computer set up in there still, but I've given up the room until we get moved.

The bedroom is the only place that the chaos hasn't hit yet. It will this weekend.

There is the description of my chaos. Oops. I mean locations.

Happy Wednesday!

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"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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