Thursday 21 August 2014

August Blog Challenge - Share an Old Blog Post

Aug 20
Share an Old Blog Post

It was easy for me to decide which post to share. Check it out! It was a good one! I'm going through them here, but the original post is different.

On June 18th, I wrote a post about things I wanted to do before my next birthday. There are now 21 days until my next birthday, and I thought it would be appropriate to take a look and see if I've done anything.

1. I HAVE laughed a lot. Good call with starting off easy.

2. Camp with C - going on Friday.

3. Newfoundland with the family. I'm such a cheater. Yeah... I went. I knew I would.
And it was fantastic.

4. Whales and Icebergs while in Newfoundland. Saw whales, but didn't get pictures. And I saw A LOT of Icebergs. 

5. Celebrate Mom and Dad's 40th. Done. And successfully. Lots of family and fun.
There were more than just us there.

6. Take photos everyday. Oh... yeah. I do that. Even started using my non cell camera.

7. Write in some way everyday. Basically I do that on my gratitude blog. I missed two full days of writing on this one, but I try to keep up on the other one so I'll have less catching up to do. Actual fiction writing, I'm not doing so good at. 

8. Blog: See above

9 Figure out if my book will be published, or what to do next. It's getting to that point isn't it? I'll know by my birthday.

10. Get to my goal weight... Errr. What is my goal weight? I still don't own a scale, and with the breathing problems I've been having this summer, the only exercise I get is walking to work... so I'd say I still have work to do.

11. Stop my negative thinking. Still work to do. I'm getting better though.

12. Read More. I'm working on it. I'm doing better than I was.

13. Finish the Game of Throne series... Good God! I had high expectations. I should have said, finish the third book.

14. Go to Fringe and Taste of Sask, and other festivals. Just made it to Fringe and Taste. I'm sure I'll have time to go to something else. I'm happy with my summer fun so far though.

15. Plan our next Ontario trip. If by plan, I meant, pick dates... done. October 4-18. And I took them off too!

16. Go to both Shakespeare on Sask Plays. Revision: go next year. I've run out of summer event money.

17. Eat from Food Trucks. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! Many food trucks.

18. Catch a fish. Maybe this weekend...

19. Spend time in the sun. On my lunches, I have. And on patios.

20. Snuggle with C. If I insist...

21. Spend time with family. Maybe not quite as much as I'd like, but I've done okay. Plus Mom and Jodi are coming for a 'girl's weekend' right after my birthday. That counts.

22. Spent time with friends. I've failed at that one. I haven't seen people as much as I would have like this summer. It's been kind of lonely actually. I still have time though!

23. Letters - I have written letters. I could do better. None to me from me.

24. Organise Spare room: OH! OH! Done. Finished last night. There is still a BIT more to do, but it's improved a lot.

25. Exercise in morning - Once again - kind of haven't been doing that, but my breathing is feeling better, so hopefully I can get back at it in September. 

Long story short. I have a lot of work to do.

By the way, this is yesterdays post *Aug 20*. I'm actually still working on the one from the day before that as well *Aug 19*. It's been that kind of week.

Until next time.

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