Saturday 2 August 2014

August Blog Challenge Day 2: Favourite Rainy Day Movie

Aug 2

Favourite Rainy Day Movie
Oh gosh, all the old favourites! 

Pretty Woman. Even though every time I watch it, I really feel like they are romanticising prostitution. I didn't realise it when I was young.

Dirty Dancing. Because I love it.

I should mention though, that I also have stand by rainy day shows.

Gilmore Girls. My very favourite!

Friends: Cause I know I'll get a laugh. (This scene made me cry though).

Sex and the City. I love the friendships. Every time I hear those words, "What if I had never met you?" -it makes me so grateful for my own best friends! I loved the show. Sorry - the first part was great, the second part includes the C word... I don't get offended easily, but if anybody else is bothered, the warning came after the clip... oops.

I'm sure I have more shows and movies, but those are the main ones.

Until tomorrow.

And as always:
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