Sunday 10 August 2014

August Blog Challenge Family and Friends

Aug 10
Blog challenge post: Family and Friends
I talk about my family and friends a lot, I think. The truth is, I love them all to bits. I wouldn't be where I am in my life without them.

I have amazing and supporting parents. They've taught me humour, love gratitude, and so much more. They are two of the most loving people I know, and they make me laugh all the time!

 My sister is one of my favourite people. She's smart, funny, loving, independent, and one of my best friends.

I'm pretty lucky to have my family as somebody I can also consider friends. My extended family is also just as great.


This guy is everything right now. He's family, he's love, he's my friend, he's my partner in crime (and life). He's the one I tell everything to. He also has an amazing family, unfortunately we're too far away. I am learning a lot through Facebook, but haven't had a chance to visit with all of them face to face. (I will in October). I have met some.
And my friends. No pictures right now (because it's late, and I'm tired). Just words. My friends have been with me for a long time. Karen and Denise are my best friends, and I consider myself lucky every damn day to have them in my lives. They are two completely different woman, but both generous, intelligent, supportive people that make me laugh. We've been friends for more than 15 years, and will continue for about a hundred more. (Maybe not that many).

Honestly, I can't name everybody, and I won't. I have so many dear friends near and far. From my work best friend (Alexis - who will soon be leaving me alone when she goes on Maternity leave) to friends I met when I was 18 and haven't seen as much as I'd like. My friend, Theresa, and I try to meet up for coffee or drinks once a week (sometimes once every two weeks), and it's something I completely rely on now! My friend, Crystal, (and ex roomie) moved away, and I didn't realise how much I missed her until I found out she was coming back! Nehal and James are both too far away, but never far from my thoughts! Contact with them keeps me sane. I also love my friends from work. I'm lucky to work in a place with such great people.

There are so many more, and please don't be upset if I didn't mention you. It is really late (haha, 11pm, I'm old), and I have so much gratitude for all my friends. Even if I only talk to you once in a while, the contact usually leaves me with a smile. This is one of the reasons I love FB. People can complain about it all they want, but I would have lost contact with A LOT of people who changed my life if not for this. (That or I'd write a lot more letters and emails).

Okay... so that's it. Thanks to my friends and family... You know, for being my friends and family.

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