Monday 4 August 2014

August Blog Challenge - Read of the week

August 4, 2014

Favourite Read of the Week

The week has only just begun, unfortunately. I assume this means favourite blog post read because I don't read a book in a week.

I DID just finish this one last week though. Everybody should read it. Stay tuned for my book blog review. I haven't done it yet though.

As for blogs, I spend a lot of time on Blogher during my week at work. (I work as well). Today, I was looking at the different posts, and came across this one:

Full disclosure, I haven't read her story, so I don't yet know about her loss. This was a post that caught my eye. Now that I've started at this one, I'll go back and read her story. 

I liked the writing, and I don't know what her loss is, and, of course, I don't understand how ANYBODY feels about their own loss, but I do know about my own loss, and I know how much blogging and sharing it with people helped. I read what she wrote, and I knew what she meant about getting it out through blogging her feelings. 

I went to a counsellor for a couple of sessions after my miscarriage. I didn't love it. I hated it, actually. Finally, I blogged about my experience, and it helped. A lot. 

I also went to a different one (in a different city) when Cam died. This time, it helped, but not as much as blogging did. There are some things that I'm still not ever going to write about in my blog, but it has been the easiest way to talk about my grief. I don't talk or write about it much anymore. I know if I ever need to - I can. So that's my read of the week. Now - I'm going to go read her entire story. I'll probably be sharing about this blog again. I love reading about brave people who share their stories. I just have to prepare myself for this one. I know it'll hit me hard.

One more though. I read blogs about life, and also about writing. Here is one that I read today about Characterization.

That's it. Keep in mind, if I had this question on Friday instead of Monday the answer may have been different. 

Till tomorrow.

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