Monday 7 July 2014

Mrs Personality

3 things you like about your personality

I picked this prompt at random from my Post idea page (below). I like it. Why? Because I like myself.  I'm at an age, or have lived long enough to not focus on the bad things. I know I have them, but I either try to fix them, or use them as positive quirks.

  1. This kind of goes with what I've already said, but I like my self esteem. If that's part of my personality, it's a pretty good trait to have. I can look at myself in the mirror, and instead of picking myself apart, I don't. I usually like what I see. At times, I think I could lose a few pounds or I'm annoyed with the circles under my eyes, but I really never focus on that. I see the beauty in myself, and I see beauty in others. I try not to be negative about myself, and I try not to be negative about others. People should know how great they are on the inside and out. 
    I just found this picture in an old album. I love it of myself. I was in my 20s and looked fearless. (I wasn't).
  2. I like that after 32 (err... 33) years, I'm still unique and creative. I'm less shy about expressing it now. I am proud of my weird quirks, but wasn't always. I don't try hard to fit in (anymore). Those that like me, like me. Those that don't... well... obviously they're jerks. Ha. I like my sense of humour, which I use with my quirkiness a lot. Being able to laugh at myself has helped me quite a bit. I like the way my mind works, and I love that I'm able to write in all ways to get out my creativity. Everybody is unique, but not everybody has a way to express it. I used to be shy, and I like that I've finally learned how to let people see who I am. (Even though, I sometimes still blush while talking to friends.) 
  3. I like that after YEARS of being in relationships or single, I am still a romantic. I am not jaded, and I am not bitter. I have picked myself up more than once. I know how to be single, and I have never settled (well, I have, but never stayed). It's brought me to Clint. I'm with him because I actively looked for somebody to share my life with, and I was picky. We chose each other. I'm not just romantic for me. I love seeing my friends happy and in love as well. I haven't always been romantic in my love life, and I'm glad I've found it again. I'm glad I can love with my whole heart, and have somebody who loves me back the same. 
    This is NOT a tattoo... I'm not that romantic (or crazy). It's paper.
These three things have also helped in my writing. 
I'm able to see the beauty and the inspiration in the characters I write about. I like even my 'bad' characters to have some quality that makes them better. 

I use my quirks and humour in my characters, and have yet to write somebody who doesn't know how to laugh. If they can't laugh, I hope to fix them. 

And although romance is not ever the main story, I like to have love stories in my novel. Love makes the world go round (any love, not just the dating kind). There's no reason my characters shouldn't have some love as well.

And that's that. You've gotten a great glimpse into my ego. Obviously, I'm not going to share what I don't love about myself on social media or blogging because whether any of you know me or not (and already know my negatives), the only time I'd like to focus on them is when I'm focusing on how to change myself for the better.

Thanks for reading.

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