Sunday 20 July 2014

Favourite words

July 20, 2014

What are your 5 favourite words?

I was originally trying to figure out which words I thought sounded the best. The 'cool' or 'unique' sounding words (like unique, for example). However, my brain kind of quit on me, and although there are lots of them, I couldn't think of any. So I procrastinated (also a great word) from doing this post. 

Instead of using the unique words, I'm going to use words that mean a lot when I hear them. I am also using more than five.

  1. Jaded: I've actually always loved this word. This is the one that I loved before I knew the meaning. I love the meaning as well. I definitely plan to use it in a few stories. My characters can be jaded, I can't. 

  2. Hate: It's a horrible word, but it makes you feel something when you hear it. Once again, something good to use in my stories. They aren't focused on hate, and never will be, but anger and hate go hand in hand sometimes. 
  3. Love: The opposite of hate. Something that makes the world go round. Family, friends, boy, girl... love is good.
  4. Lie: The very worst word, but a favourite in the literary sense. 
  5. Hope: It makes me smile just saying it out loud. I actually used to want to name a daughter that. I changed my mind when I heard how many Hope's are in soap operas. I've picked new names for my imaginary children. Still though, I love the word and I love the definition. Having hope helps people get through the day. Just like the next word.
  6. Gratitude: Anybody who knows me, may assume that this will be one of my favourites. I have an entire blog about it. It's a great sounding word, and has a fantastic meaning. Gratitude is what helps get me through the day.
  7. Friendship: This one is a theme in both my writing and my life. I constantly write about great friendships. I've learned to write about them because of my own great friendships.
  8. Family: Another theme in both life and writing. Happy words make me happy. While 'hate', 'jaded' and 'lie' are all great words, they don't make me as happy as the last three.

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