Monday, 28 July 2014

Half way through Summer

July 28

It really feels like summer has only just begun, but at the end of the week, it will be August. It's crazy how quickly this lovely season flies by.

It feels like this past while, I've been doing a lot of waiting.

I've been waiting for the publishing company to get get back to me. However, I was pretty patient (my sort of patient) up until we hit the third month mark. I'm less patient now, and excited to find out what happens next. If I don't get published by this company, I will be sad, but I want to know so I can make my next decision and figure out where to send it next. Ever since reading that the publishing company takes 3-4 months, I've been a little on edge, waiting and wondering if anything will come of my first attempt at bravery. I will continue waiting. Next week, will be four months.

It feels like so long ago since I sent it in, but I also feel like I've been trying to rush the months along because I want to find out what happens next. (The picture seemed fitting).

The waiting makes me impatient, and I hate to hurry life because it's impossible to enjoy it to my full extent if all I want is for time to go faster.

NOW, I'm having even more trouble because C is gone back to work. For 11 days, I hope time speeds up so I can enjoy the three days he has off with me. It's almost silly. I should enjoy every day, every moment, and not rush time. I still text him every day. I still send him pictures when I see something I think he'll like. I miss him like crazy, and that's how it should be, but I need to stop trying to hurry things along, and enjoy the moments with and without him. 

Where does this leave me? I don't know. I'm still waiting for the publishing company to get back to me, and still slowly thinking about and planning my next book.

 I'm still waiting for C to come home for three days. (Three days that I hope go by slowly).

But in the meantime, I have to enjoy what I have left of summer. Go write my book on a patio. Or read a book by the river. Take pictures of flowers. (I do that a lot). Enjoy drinks or walks or summer festivals with friends and family. Enjoy life, and stop rushing things.

With that being said, I really want to find out the future of my book. Even if the future isn't going to be with the publishing company. Waiting... but enjoying life...

Sorry, not much to say on this Monday writing update.

Actually, that's not true. I have a lot to say. I just haven't had time to get my thoughts together yet.

I'm going to finish reading my great book now. Almost done it.

And as always:
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