Monday 21 July 2014

Sharing what isn't Yours to share.

July 21

Originally, I was going to post about selfies. It's a topic lately I've seen floating around. I had my opinion, but now, things have changed. I no longer care what people think of me for choosing to post a selfie of myself.

Some days, I feel bad about what I post online. I feel like I share too many pictures (of anything), too many links, and too many personal thoughts. I have decided to stop feeling bad about it. There are things that are posted online that are completely inappropriate. 

I recently logged onto Twitter, and in my trends suggestions, hashtag twitter purge (I refuse to do the actual hashtag) was on it. Curious and naive me decided to click it. I can honestly say I was horrified. Pictures of vagina's and breasts popped up in front of me. It appeared as though people were posting naked photos of women who were either exes, or something. These women (I'm guessing many were younger than 18) didn't give permission for their naked photos to be posted.

Here's an article about it:

I think it is unacceptable that it was posted on Twitter. Unacceptable. It should have been caught before it got as far as it did, and it never should have been picked as a 'trend'. I'm so angry that the world has come to this. Nobody I followed was participating, but as far as I know most of the people I follow are writers and people who aren't interested in posting pornography.

These girls/women sent pictures of themselves to boys. Whether or not they should have isn't even worth debating. I do think it's a lesson in what you send people, but that is not what is important here. Having pictures shared of yourself, even if they aren't inappropriate isn't fair.

(As I write this, I've just gone through my entire blog to make sure there aren't too many photos of others. I'm leaving photos of C because he knows they are there. I'll have to check my gratitude blog, as well. I'm leaving pictures from far away, or older than 10 years, and I'm leaving a couple of pictures that have me with people, but trying not to have any of just one person. To be clear, none are inappropriate.) 

I'm beyond disappointed with this, and I'm sad that this isn't the first time. The first thing I thought when this was suggested to me by Twitter, was 'I need to quit'.

I didn't. I'm not sure if that was the correct choice, but I didn't. I'm still going to share my blog on twitter, and I'm still going to read what others have written. I like discovering new stories, writing advice and techniques, and blogs through Twitter. I don't like finding what is most likely child pornography.

How can anybody think that it is appropriate to post nude pictures of ANYBODY? How can they see right and wrong, and not realize that this is worse than wrong? I understand breaking the rules. This isn't breaking the rules. It is wrong. It is mean. It is stupid. It shouldn't have happened.

It's not the only thing that shouldn't have happened on social media. Women who have been raped are made fun of through pictures or memes on Social Media. When did this become okay? 

If Twitter and cell phones and uploading pictures had been around in the 90s, would this have happened then? I like to think no. I like to think people were raised not to, but I honestly have no idea. I'm so grateful that I am not a teenager now, and I fear for what new and humiliating things are to come for younger people. They easily trust, and easily fall in love, and sometimes don't realise that things might not work out. I would have been just like that. (Although, too shy to send nudes).

I don't have much else to say about this. The topic is terrible, and although I wish it would, my post isn't going to help make things better. I'm so sorry these girls/women have not been respected. I hope things get better.

One other thing, I did not see any nude photos of males. If I had, this would be focused on both male and female because it shouldn't happen to anybody.

As for the original 'Selfie' topic. I'll get back to it. Another day.

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