Saturday 25 January 2014

Writing Challenge Day 7-9

Day 7
'For today’s task, find a market to submit your pitch from day five. You don’t have to actually submit it yet, but spend today finding the best market for your pitch.'

I'm skipping over this challenge because the pitch I wrote on day five (many many days ago), isn't really relative. I decided instead of working on something else, to work only on my current novel because I have a goal to get it published this year. I'm not sharing the plot on here (yet). However, I will be looking into Saskatchewan publishers with a focus on 'chick lit', fiction, and short novels. I'm not going to begin submitting anything until it's ready though.

Day 8 'twitter'

This day involved a twitter discussion. I said a few things, but didn't really ask any questions, and was not yet comfortable in it. I was more of an observer I guess.

Day 9
'For today’s task, assemble your complete query letter. To do this, take your pitch from day 5 and bio from day 6–and combine them with a personalised slant to the market you selected on day 7.'

Once again, I won't be doing this one yet. I will be doing a query letter, but I don't want to rush what I'm doing. I'm still taking part in the challenge, but not going to do a query letter until my novel is edited and as perfect as I can get it. I also won't be putting the letter on my blog. I will have it done soon though.

Until next time.


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