Wednesday 15 January 2014

2014 My Writing

Notice it doesn't have a day? That's because I'm about 7 days behind. Frankly, I may not catch up. I still need to read them all and catch up, and decide which ones I want to do and which ones I don't. I kind of realised something while working on the last one (or thinking about working on it). I could be using these for my actual novel. However, I'm not ready to share that with the world, so I may do the writing prompts and some of the other things on my blog, but as far as looking for people to send my novel to, and writing letters about my novel, that's going to be something I won't be making public until it works. I also won't be planning a new novel until I'm finished editing this one.

So what have I been doing in these 7 days?

I've been reading my novel out loud to Clint. About 10-20 pages a day, depending on my mood. I once read advice on editing, and it suggested reading out loud helps. So far, I've caught a lot of things. My grammar has never been perfect. I know my grammar, for the most part, but I'm quite lazy when I write, and don't pay attention to what I say or how I say it. (I write how I speak, and it works for me.) If you've ready ANY of my blogs, you'd know exactly what I mean. Either way, I'm catching them this time around, and I will probably need to read it a few more times to catch it all. It's good reading it to Clint as well because I trust his opinion completely. I trust him to help me make things sound better. Believe me, that does not come easy with me, and I hope he knows what it means for me to read it to him. I've shared short stories with people (strangers from Creative Writing classes as well as friends), but I feel like this is different. I mean, I'm scared to tell most people what it's about, never mind read it to them. That being said, I will be asking for volunteers to give it a test run after I'm done editing. Not a lot of volunteers, but one or two.

That's what I've been doing while not blogging my writing prompts/challenges. I think something else I'd like to do on here are specific 2014 goals for writing. I've found a couple on Pinterest that I will be using. Make fun of Pinterest all you want, other than planning weddings and babies I'll never have, I've also gotten a lot of writing ideas (and crock pot recipes). 

So goals will come next. Today even. This entry is specifically to explain why I haven't written. I know I haven't, and I think about it every day. I do think that editing takes priority over this, but I want to keep up with the blogging as well. Even if I'm not willing to share all my story details, I still want to share the adventure in finishing it.

So -that's it. Lots more to come, but I hate doing it all in one entry. I'll be doing one about my goals for 2014. Call them resolutions if you'd like. Actually, this is the first year I haven't done resolutions. I'm not sure why because I actually enjoy it. Maybe this year, I've decided to do instead of say.

I'll leave you with a picture of my purple computer and purple glasses. It seems to be my colour this year. By the way, all pictures posted are pictures I've taken. I just saw a different blog speak about what can happen if you 'borrow' photos from the Internet. Even if you give them credit. I've got the link to the entry on my Twitter account. (mccrea_erin)
Until next time.

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