Wednesday 29 January 2014

Fun Proof

When I sent my novel to my Ashleigh, Karen, my mom and Denise it was through email. I've only really seen it on my computer screen. I edited it the second round while reading it out loud, but still on my computer screen. I know Denise printed out a copy to go through -which is good. Easier for comments/critiques.

My mom printing a copy, but she also photocopied it so I could have a first draft edition, unmarked and original. (Second draft, I guess). She gave it to me last night. Even though, I've seen over 200 pages before, I was surprised at how many big it was! It made it just that much more real. Now, all I need is a title.

So here is my novel in paper form -but not book form! (A picture, that is.)

And speaking of complete and total gratitude of what I have, here is my newest blog (I'm a blogging maniac lately!): 
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