Tuesday 28 January 2014

Writing Challenge Day 27-28

'Today’s task is a simple one: Write a blog post. This will be your third and final blog post for this specific challenge, but I hope you will continue to post on a regular weekly schedule.'

Apparently, catching up all on the same day means two blog posts in one day, even though, this is 3rd or fourth. So I'll combine Day 27 and Day 28 and make a blog post about my day 28. Cheating? Who knows?

Day 28
'Our task for today is to take your book idea and find comparative and competitive titles. While books have a better chance of getting published when they’re unique, they also need already existing titles around to show there’s a market for this sort of book.'

Actually, this is brilliant. I will head to the bookstore on the weekend and check out my genre. In the meantime, I'll check out online. Amazon, Chapters, and others. I'm going to publish this, but come back and edit when I find out the answers. I actually assume there aren't a lot about my specific book perspective, but the broader genre would have a few.

Update: There aren't a lot of books on bookstore websites about my topic. That being said, it may be my not knowing how to search it.

That being said... I'M CAUGHT UP!!!

Hopefully, I get the things I said I'd do not on my blog caught up tonight, and then I'll be back tomorrow with day 29.


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