Thursday 30 January 2014

February Writing Prompts

It's a three blog post kind of date, I think. I've got three all set up to write, so I better get started before I think of more things to write about.

This is a small one. My Writing Challenge will be over tomorrow, so I wanted something new to do when I take a break from stressing out about my novel. Also, I won't always have something to update. I am editing. (That being said, I am writing my next post of the day about my book fears).

So, of course, the month of love... my writing prompts are about love for February. I may change them as we go along, but here are the ones I've found on the 'ol Internet. We will see how it goes. I mean, there are entries about weddings and engagements, that obviously I won't have a lot to say. I guess I can actually try out making up a story about them though. We'll see.

1.       The love of my life

2.       Was it love at first sight?

3.       Best date ever

4.       Romance is...

5.       Head over heels for

6.       The best kiss

7.       Crazy about...

8.       This broke my heart

9.       Life is better with

10.   Warms my heart

11.   Favourite Romantic Movie

12.   True Love is

13.   How we met

14.   You make me

15.   I dream of

16.   Our Song

17.   I get butterflies when

18.   First love

19.   I knew

20.   Engagement story

21.   Wedding story

22.   Our first/worst fight

23.   Happily ever after

24.   Our love is

25.   You make me crazy because

26.   My favourite thing about

27.   The little things

28.   When you smile

I'll get back to this on February.

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