Wednesday 30 September 2015

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September 30, 2015

This is my last day for September prompts. The rest will remain unanswered. Compared to the months previous to September, I've done very well.

28. Tell us about your writing process – do you like music or quiet, is there a special place you go to work, do you type from the beginning or write notes with a pen and paper first?

I promise I'm going to answer the question. First though, I'm going to talk about what happened exactly one year ago yesterday. (The 'On This Day' Facebook feature reminded me.) Strange, my last post on how I've changed, I didn't mention writing.

One year ago, this week, I sent my query and partial manuscript to a second publisher.

I'm actually pretty sad to admit, I have not done anything since sending it. I have not done anything since I received both 'nos'. 

In a year, other than blogging, I have not written. I received the evaluation, and I still haven't done anything. I haven't made the effort I should to get my novel published.

This isn't to say I won't. I'm disappointed with my lack of work ethic. My lack of ambition. 

Next year, if I'm asked how I've changed in a year, I hope to say that I gave writing my absolute all. I didn't give up, and I never stopped. 

I don't want any excuses. I just want to write. I want to fix my novel, and I want to find somebody who loves it as much as I do and wants to publish it.

And I will.

For the question:

Tell us about your writing process – do you like music or quiet, is there a special place you go to work, do you type from the beginning or write notes with a pen and paper first?

I like music. I can't write in silence. I usually try to pick some 90s music (I was a teenager in the 90s). Although, if I'm writing a happy or sad scene, I usually find music that reflects how I want my characters to feel. 

I use a laptop, so I can write anywhere. I write better when Clint is around. Although - once again - I haven't been writing at all this year, so I guess I just need to choose a spot, and start.

I have a really old desk, that came from a great grandparent. I love it. Unfortunately, I also love to keep stuff on it. This is me writing with Drogo in my lap. (In my PJs). I'd like to start writing on this desk again.

I type from the start. I occasionally write notes as I'm typing, but that's only because my memory is crap, and I can't remember names. I don't do an outline first, as many writers do. I just write. I have ideas of what will happen next, but can't really guarantee it until I get to the very moment. I keep thinking I'd like to do an outline to help me figure things out, but I haven't yet.

I've slowly started using Scrivener though, and have to say, I'm quite impressed with it. I can keep notes, timelines, and research on the side of my project. It's probably the easiest for organisation. 

As for blog writing, I do my posts without a lot of thought beforehand. Although, sometimes I start a few at a time, and then pick one to focus on. (Which is why I have about 20 drafts waiting to be used.

And that's that. I'm a pretty unorganised writer. That works for me. I won't change. However, I do plan to change by writing more, or editing more, or trying to get published.

Thanks for reading.

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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