Tuesday 1 September 2015

First Jobs

September 1, 2015

Apparently, I needed a summer long break from blogging. I did not dedicate a lot of time to anything writing related. Should I have? Probably, but it's over now, and I need to focus on writing in this new month (and months to come).

It's also my birthday month, so of course, it's a good month to make changes for the better. Although, I've decided to only take a week for myself, instead of my usual month. I've booked off next week from work, and having a great birthday week for my 35th birthday. I'll still post though. 

I found a website with monthly prompts for the entire year. This is my goal for September. A month of prompts to get me back on track. The link that I'll be using is below. (September Prompts.)

Today's prompt is Labour Day (officially on September 7th). Tell us about your first job:

I'm trying to remember what my first job was. It depends what you consider a first job.

To be honest, this was my most important first job:
Graduating university.

Here are a few other first jobs.

  • I helped my dad build bins when I was a kid. I believe he paid us for our work. It was actually pretty hard work, and I'd be impressed if I could still do it today. By bins - I mean grain bins. We put them together over the summer on farms.
  • I did work experience as a teenager, but didn't actually get paid because it was through school. I worked at a senior's home following the Activity Director for a semester, and I also worked a semester at a local newspaper in a neighbouring town. It was a fun job, but I don't think they actually edited anything I wrote, so it was full of grammatical mistakes. (Much like my blog.)
  • While in Katimavik, I also had jobs that weren't paying, but were experience. In Newfoundland, I worked at a Marine Centre, and helped build a boardwalk, In Ontario I worked at a daycare (learning I didn't want a career in childcare), and in Quebec I worked at a Women's Centre. Which wasn't really a big job. In fact, I can't remember doing a lot of work there.
Newfoundland Work

  • After Katimavik, when I joined real life, I worked in Moose Jaw for a year before I went to university. I worked at a place called Community Connections. To be honest, I have no idea what the job was about. She hired youth, and I think the plan was for us to change the community for the better. I don't think we did, but I met my good friend, Nehal, while I 'worked' there. So it was worth it. I also met my first serious boyfriend. We dated for five years, so while the job didn't mean anything, the people I met while working there were pretty great. After the company kind of went out of business I worked at a restaurant. I did not love being a waitress.
  • Lastly, the job I actually consider my first job ever was at a grocery store in university. I worked in the deli department for three years while going to school. Most of the people I worked with were university students. I stayed there for a long time. That might be why I consider it my first job. It was the one I stuck to the longest while getting my degree. Most of the time, it was a terrible place to work, but the people were fun.
Those were my first few jobs. I learned a lot about life from them - but probably not as much as I should have. These were all basically jobs before I became an 'adult'. I learned a lot about dealing with customers. And I didn't always love dealing with them.

That's it. Day one: Done!

I'm so glad I didn't flake on my first 'blog all month' day.

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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