Sunday 6 September 2015

Major catch up

September 14th:

As my title says, this post is catch up from my birthday week. I didn't blog at all. Partially because my laptop is terribly frustrating with the broken keyboard, and partially because I was busy enjoying my week off.

I will be talking about my birthday on Wednesday. 

  • September 7. Happy Labour Day! Tell us the most important thing you learned during your first job.
I kind of answered this in my first post of September (when I had the questions mixed up. My first job would have been building bins for my father. What I learned? Life isn't easy. Jobs aren't easy. You have to work to make money. Whether it's manual labour or not, you have to be willing to work.
  • September 8. International Literacy Day – celebrate by sharing some of your favourite books, or letting us know what you plan to read this fall.
Right now, I am reading Still Alice for the second time. It is a great book, and after watching the movie, all I wanted to do was read the book again.  Once I'm done that, it's back to Game of Thrones, book three. I've taken about two years off.

As for my favourite books, here are two posts I've done in the past about what books I love: /favourite-books-judge-me-if-you-must.html and /favourite-book.html

I don't like picking favourites. This world has too many great books, and so many more I need to read.
  • September 9. Tell us what family game night looks like in your world.
My family loves card games and board games. Anytime that we are all visiting my parents, we have game nights. Crib, Tile Rummy... or anything new. We are all slightly competitive, but also help one another with game play. (and my mom usually wins.) 

I love games with or without my family. I always want to play games when friends come over or just with Clint.
  • September 10. At the end of a long day, what do you do to relax?
I hang out with Clint and Drogo. I soak in the tub. I watch Netflix.

  • September 11. What is on your music playlist right now?
Mostly country music. I'm kind of restarting my collection though. The Ipod was mostly 90s music, and phone music is mostly country.
  • September 12. Do you make your bed when you get up in the morning or leave it since you will just mess it up again that night?
If I make it, I don't do a stellar job.
  • September 13. Have you ever had jury duty?

That's it. I'll do one for today, tomorrow, and the next day in tomorrow's post. And then on to my 35th year post! :)

As always,

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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