Monday, 5 May 2014

Writing update Monday!

May 5th

And just like that, it's Monday again.

I am now three weeks into the waiting game. Time is going quickly, but the frustrating thing is how much longer I may have to wait. I also don't know how they would contact me. A letter, a phone call, an email? Obviously, if it is a no, it will be a letter (I think). I'm still going for the optimism though.

I was recently followed back on Twitter by the Publishing Company I submitted my manuscript to. I had followed them months ago. I don't know if this is a sign of good things, or if they just didn't follow back until now. Either way, it is something. (Or maybe it isn't, I really have no idea).

Three weeks have gone fast. I'm lucky because these next few months are all going to be crazy busy. We are still looking for a new home, we will still have to move, I have two out of town events this month, one early in June, and at the end of June my family and I are heading to Newfoundland for a week. As I said, I won't have a lot of time to worry about what's going on with my manuscript. (Although, I REALLY hope the response doesn't come while I'm in Newfoundland).

I'm kind of writing, but mostly just blogging lately. I mentioned before that I'm going to a writing retreat this weekend. I'll hopefully be doing some extreme novel writing to get me started on this new one. It will be interesting as I've never done a writing retreat.

I'm going to miss C. He hasn't had to leave for work, so I'm very used to him being with me. I like it a lot.

However, I'm excited for a new writing experience. It's time for me to do new things with my writing, and to do as much as I can with it. I'm guessing a Writing Retreat will be the perfect experiment. There will be about five other writers, and I guess what happens is we write during the day, and relax and discuss during the night. It may be just what I need. My stressed out brain could probably use a weekend to not be stressed out.

In other writing updates, I have been blogging on both my blogs without breaks (other than the odd day) since January. I'm proud of myself for that. Pretty good resolution to keep... WAY easier than exercising every day. (haha, but doesn't help keep me skinny). I'm really enjoying it, and also proud of myself for keeping it up. I just hope I don't run out of things to day. (If you ask C, that isn't possible).

I would add blogging into this list.

Slightly unrelated, I had a dream that C and I were in Mexico on vacation, but it was a last minute trip. I realised once I was there that I had forgotten to ask for the days off from work. Chances were the hot holiday would have resulted in a job loss. It made for a stressful vacation. I decided to throw one more picture of me being strange in Mexico last year. (I requested the days off a month before I left.)

I felt like it was time to add some pictures with quotes. I do always enjoy quotes, and like I said, I don't like using them, unless I can add it to my own picture.


Until tomorrow.

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