Friday 23 May 2014

Weekends off

May 23

I've made a decision that I might actually follow through on. I'm going to take a break from blogging on the weekends. This last month, and the next one coming up, have been and are busy. I don't want to have added stress or guilt because I haven't had time to follow my blogging schedule. I love being able to blog everyday, and I love exercising my writing skills, but I'm running out of time on my days off. It might be partially because the weather is fantastic, and I want to be outside instead of inside, but I just also think I need to not worry so much about my own rules.

So basically today's blog post isn't a prompt or anything interesting about my life, but just a head's up for changes. I can stress myself out about almost everything, but blogging shouldn't be one of them.

I have a stagette this weekend, so I for sure wouldn't be blogging anyway, but the weekend after that I'm moving, and then I'm planning for a trip, and I just need to focus on other important things.

I'm having an extremely good day, and I think I'm doing good at the 'being happy with what I've got' mentality. I'm also excited for the future. C and I had a nice long talk about future plans, and while nothing is for sure, we know it will be a future together. So I'm all full of love today (and planning an imaginary -but hopefully some day real- wedding). Details to come when I have details.

So, until Monday, I guess. I will have lots to update.
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  1. lol Mom and I were just talking about we hope you and C make a go of it. You seem like such a wonderful catch. Hell, I want to be your friend I have never met you.

    1. Thank you. You made me tear up a little. I think we are definitely making a go of it. Just need the fun wedding in Mexico! :) I'm looking forward to meeting you.